Have you ever had someone swoop in and literally bring you some sunshine?

brighten your day-2

I love those kind of people who swoop in like a superhero from out of nowhere and shine a light when they know you are going through a particularly dim time in your life and just want to give you a lift.

A friend did just that.  A text arrived, “Make sure you check your doorstep this morning!”  I quickly jump up as I am sitting in the office just around the corner from the door.  The dog jumps up too, excited that I am about to open the door.  Of course, I know what he is thinking as his tail wags wildly, “Are we going for a walk?, Are we?  Are we?!”  I open my door, and there sits a bright ray of sunshine – a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers and a card that simply states, ‘Hi!  Just wanted to send a smile your way!  A little extra sunshine for you today!’

What an amazing pick-me-up!  Thank you friend!

She completely made my day and it literally put a spring in my step to pull myself together and to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Within minutes, another amazing phenomenon happens, I receive another text message and its from my sister who I had talked to the night before.  It says, “Hope you have a better day!”  I smile.

Just 2 days before that, I call a friend to share my heart.  She interrupts and says, “I’ll be over, give me 5 minutes.”  She stays for close to 4 hours.

After all this, I have an epiphany, just by opening my heart and not closing myself off and going within, like I normally do, all of this love comes pouring into my life.

Hold tight onto to those folks who offer you light and love when they know you need it most.   Cherish them.  They are special people!  And then, go ask yourself the question, “Are you a light giver or a light taker?”  Believe in the power of the domino theory of giving!  Like tipping over that first domino, one small random act of kindness can set into motion a series of fortunate events that expands out into the world.  Go be a giver!  Pass on the light and love, pay it forward.

Thanks gals for picking me up out of the dirt and dusting me off!


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