Down the Rabbit Hole

rabbit hole-1

I almost feel as if I have been down in a rabbit hole the last couple of years. Blinded from life, sheltered from friends, by myself, embarking down a journey with no GPS system telling me which way to go or turn. I was completely and utterly lost, fending my way.

Here is a little bit of how the story goes…I met a wonderful lady one day who swept into my home and breathed life, an idea, into me that I knew deep down existed but had never been kindled. I was hosting a baby shower for a friend who was a surrogate for her sister and this extravagant, flamboyant, world traveled woman who enthralled us all was raving about what I had made and just simply asked the question, “Do you write your own recipes?” I couldn’t believe it, my mouth dropped open. No one had ever asked me that. It was almost as if she had already known that I worked days on figuring out how to turn a delicious cookie I had had into a lemon, thyme cracker recipe that would present itself well for a dainty, pretty in pink, baby shower delight. How did she know?

I sat later that week in my office peering out into my foyer at a collection of favorite quotes that my niece painstakingly wrote out for me on canvas. I decided to go take a picture of it, not entirely sure why. When I later pulled the photo up on my computer screen, the words, “The Story is in You” stuck out to me. I blinked and reread it, almost in disbelief and then went out into the hallway to find the words. They read, “The Story is in You”. I immediately thought, “Do I have a story?”, “What story?”, “How could I possibly write a story and for whom?” And so, I sat there and just pondered, walking down the road, the memory of that chance encounter in my kitchen, the canvas on my wall speaking to me, my love of taking photographs, my love of being in the kitchen baking, my love for motherhood and my kids, leading me right down to the question of what I could do with all of that. That aha moment came: Why don’t you write a cookbook for your kids?! Create a tangible legacy for my kids….and then with one big, fat, giant leap of faith, I slid right down the rabbit hole.

I obviously was out of my mind because the irony of a rabbit hole is that you only see the point of entry not what is down inside or if there is actually an exit. I got so mesmerized by the idea of it all, the fantasy, that I just boldly ventured down this hole, completely unaware, yet captivated by all of the endless possibilities, never really knowing at the onset how I would do it, where it would lead, but enthralled enough to not care and pursue it anyway.  And so, my adventures down the rabbit hole begin.  It was scary down in that rabbit hole but being able to always see the light peeking in from up above, I knew everything would be okay and ultimately, I had a sense of peace that I was on the right track and something kind of wonderful was about to happen!

3 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. Funny enough that rabbit had been hanging around in our backyard all Fall and early winter so I would literally see him every day! I think he was so used to me peering out at him that he basically said lady, I’ll stay still for a moment so you can get your picture!

  2. Great story, thanks for sharing all that. I’m glad you took the chance on your idea & that you’ve come out of that rabbit hole!! 😉

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