Elayne’s Adventures in Wonderland

book alice in wonderland

Writing this cookbook was every bit of an Alice in Wonderland ride.  I pop up out of the rabbit hole, disheveled, bleary-eyed, and oh so happy to see the real world again!

I never knew just how close my journey resembled and related to the adventures Alice had in Wonderland until I happened upon a quote which may me reread the book with a new set of eyes and fascination that someone else has gone through this too.  So, I thought it would be fun to reflect back on the book and see just how closely my journey in writing a cookbook mirrored what Alice went through.

  • ‘What is the use of a book, thought Alice’, ‘without pictures or conversation?’ My thoughts exactly! I have always hated cookbooks that don’t have pictures in them. I can’t be alone on this – don’t we all want to see the inspiration behind a recipe and/or what the end product looks like so we have some validation as to what our own result looks like.  I knew instantly when starting to write this cookbook that it would be all about the pictures!
  • ‘So many out-of-the-way things had happened lately, that Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible.’ This whole journey of writing a cookbook was completely new to me but what I realized along the way is that every challenge that I met was ultimately a cross road of either turning back and giving up or taking a left or right hand turn to find a path to get to the end of the crazy maze.  Through the process, I learned that it really isn’t impossible to do anything.  It is more the question of whether we are willing…
  • ‘Her world was a mess so she lost herself in madness.’ Oh how this quote speaks to me…my world was a mess and I lost myself in the madness.  Notebooks, pencils, utensils, ingredients, pots and pans, scattered everywhere. Meanwhile, sits the camera peering at me, smirking while watching all of the proverbial balls being juggled in the air with each and every recipe, patiently waiting in the wings to be picked up and used, hoping the clouds don’t move in and take the light away.


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