Secret to Making Cookies Like the Pros

cookie scoops

Oh where have you been all my life?  I have forever banished the two spoon method of dropping cookies.  Cookie scoops are one of the most useful tools in baking cookies to achieve a uniform, consistent, professional look.  Keeping 3 different sizes in your stash is useful for so many things other than cookie making.  Use them to make fruit balls, scoop ice cream, or to portion batter for muffins, meatballs and stuffed peppers.  The list goes on and on.  You can use your own discretion in each recipe on the size of cookie scoop you want to use.  The only adjustment will be the baking time.  The smaller the cookie scoop, the shorter the shorter baking time.  The larger the cookie scoop, the longer the baking time.  You get the idea.  Here is a quick estimation chart of baking times when it comes to baking cookies.

1” = approximately 6-8 minutes
1.5” = approximately 8-10 minutes
2.25” = approximately 12-14 minutes

Tip:  Spray your cookie scoops with cooking spray to make it easier for the batter to release.

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