Are you a Fake Wanna Be?

whole spices-1

Are you real or fake?  Which is better?  We all know the answer without skipping a beat so let’s apply this rule to the kitchen.

Have you ever wondered how chefs and home cooks alike get the best bang for their buck and pack in the most intense flavor into each and every dish? They use real, whole ingredients, even for their spices.  You won’t find imitation anything because we all know that fake never really ever measures up.  As convenient as dried and canned goods are, they will never give the same flavor as the real deal.  Like we all know, it’s really no different than people.  Who wants a fake, wanna be person in their life?  None of us do!  We want ‘our person’ to be the real, authentic, genuine deal.  Apply this same rule in your kitchen and your meals will soar to the next level.

Buy yourself a rasp/microplane which is a fine grater that can be used to grind up whole spices or to zest the peel from many of citrus fruits.  It literally takes seconds to use and the scent alone that fills the room will seal the deal for you.  Adding in freshly ground spices or zest, whether it be lemon, orange, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, nutmeg or peppercorns, will instantly change your dish for the better!

Whole spices actually last longer than dried spices if stored in an airtight container in a dark, cool place, away from any direct heat source.  All of these spices or zests freeze great as well so if you grind up or zest too much, just pop it in a sealed container and place in your freezer to use on another day.

Give it a try for yourself.  You will be hooked – I promise!  It is something simple that will change your life in the kitchen forever – your family and friends will thank you!

4 thoughts on “Are you a Fake Wanna Be?

  1. Okay, I purchased a rasp/microplane today and used it for lemon zest….OMG, it’s the best!! I’ve always skipped the zest in my dishes because it was a super pain in the back end….this tool makes it so easy. I won’t be skipping the “zesting” any longer. Love, love, love this. I’m not even sure what the old tool I was using is called. Needless to say, it’s no longer in the drawer. :o)

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