Turning a Mess Into a Message

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Rodelle recently announced Elayne Prechtel and her story as a Grand Prize winner for the Rodelle Challenge 2014 (http://rodellekitchen.com/wordpress/2015/02/2014-rodelle-challenge-grand-prize-winner-elayne-prechtel/).  Take a look at her story where she turns a mess into a message.

“This is a special story that changed everything about how I interact and involve my kids in the kitchen.  If it hadn’t of happened, I would probably be shooing them out of the kitchen to this day!  Way back in 2003, I was busy, operating in solo mode in the kitchen (’cause all of us moms know how much easier it is to concentrate with 1 cook in the kitchen), when my then 2 yr. old daughter walked into the kitchen and decided to unexpectedly jump in and “help” by grabbing a towel.

Unbeknownst to her and to my surprise she grabbed a towel that I had previously dusted with a boat load of powdered sugar for an ice cream roll!  In an instant, she was covered head to toe in powdered sugar – the look on her face was priceless and the shock on my face said it all! I fortunately had my wits about me that day and ran to grab the camera!  Looking through the lens of the camera, I had one of those pivotal moments in time that I hope every mom will have.

I truly  “saw” my daughter, saw her intentions, saw, deep within her eyes, her true willingness to want to help me; and I just melted.  I almost blew this moment because I realized that I could have immediately reacted in anger for the mess that had to be cleaned up in the kitchen and the mess on her but instead, I busted out laughing while taking her picture.  I knew that laughing at the whole ordeal was the secret to handling this truly, messy moment and that having my kids in the kitchen with me was so much more important than having a clean, untouched, sane kitchen!

I learned that day, in an instant, that sharing the experience in the kitchen with your family and children is how memories are made, where life happens, where families bond and joy and real laughter is created!  From that day on, all my kids have been involved in the kitchen.  So much so that a personal legacy project of building a cookbook for them was started sharing recipes, life lessons, photographs and stories.  Ironically enough, this is the god’s honest truth (ask my husband and kids), I wrote in there on several chocolate recipes, I love to use Rodelle cocoa!!  So the other day driving home from our Thanksgiving trip reading our local paper’s food section about the Rodelle Challenge contest, I knew I had to write in and share ’cause this is one of the stories that was shared in our legacy cookbook!!”


One thought on “Turning a Mess Into a Message

  1. I absolutely love this story! Brings me back to what’s really important (family) & reminds me not to stress about the little things.

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