Appreciating the Little Things.

draft cookbook-58

We all know the expression take time to smell the roses.  Who has time anymore?  It’s not always the easiest thing to take time out and smell the proverbial roses but something that can easily change your outlook on any given day. So why don’t we do it?  We will say that we just don’t have time. In truth, that really isn’t the case.  We all have 3 seconds in a day to stop and appreciate the little things in life.  It’s more about whether we choose to take the time and make it a part of our day.

For some people, smelling flowers may be the last thing that would brighten their day.  It may be that morning cup of coffee or walking the dog and looking up at a bright, blue sky.  Or it could just be getting out the door on time or simply waking up and not pressing the snooze button.  I don’t know what it is for you that makes you appreciate life but go out and find it.  Figure out what lifts you, what motivates you and then relish in it each and every day by a matter of pure, intentional, choice.

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