Life Speaking to You


Have you ever felt like life is speaking to you?  I love this quote by Paulo Coelho from the Alchemist, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” I feel that has been my fate lately.

Back in the Fall, I spoke a prayer out loud basically surrendering all and asking for help after a tumultuous ride with the software program being used to create my cookbook.  A week later, I receive an email from the OWN network congratulating me on winning tickets to Oprah’s Live Your Best Life Weekend in Seattle.

The next thing I know, I am flying first class to Seattle on an overbooked flight because one kind, generous lady at the ticket counter was gracious enough to help me.  The very next day, I’m standing less than 6 ft. away from Rob Bell, Mark Nepo and Elizabeth Gilbert.  All the while, so nervous that my mind goes blank because I was feeling completely self-conscious that I was standing in the front row of this impromptu Q & A session in the middle of O Town and believing that I’m blocking the view of hundreds of people who are behind me because I’m in heels and standing 6’3″ tall.  That’s all I could think about, I couldn’t even for a moment, gather my thoughts to come up with one single question to ask this prestigious panel of trailblazers.  It was right there and I let it slip right through my fingers.

I’m walking down a random Seattle street and look up at a tall building and what words pop out at me, “”.  What?!  I just picked a random street in Seattle to take a stroll down and it leads me straight to the headquarters of  Okay, I’m getting the message, loud and clear!  I’m on the right track.

A couple of weeks later, my family and I are driving home from my niece’s wedding in Kansas after the Thanksgiving holiday.  I randomly decide to start reading our local paper on my husband’s ipad.  I come across the food section and see all the various happenings coming up over the holidays but one in particular event sticks out to me, the 2014 Rodelle Challenge.  Did I read that right, I thought to myself?  I blink several times just to make sure I’m reading it correctly.  Rodelle??  The makers of the cocoa that I love and wrote about in my cookbook when creating all of its chocolate recipes.  Can this really be?  I read on and it says that submissions are being accepted for the 2014 Rodelle Challenge for your best, worst or funniest moment in the kitchen.  I knew on the spot that I would submit the story from my cookbook about my daughter covered head to toe in powdered sugar and how it changed my life.  Fate, that I randomly decide to read the paper, discover this Challenge and that it’s for a product I love.

Fast forward to February 2015 when I receive an email saying I have been selected as a Grand Prize winner of the Rodelle Challenge.  Just amazing!

I can list several other events that follow but I’ll spare you.  You get the point.  I just can’t believe the irony of all of this coming together the way it has.  I do feel a presence, an energy that all the universe, in fact, is conspiring to help me achieve my destiny.  I’m in awe and counting my lucky stars!

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