Tricks to Cupcake Perfection

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I know so many people who are hoarders.  Hoarders of their thoughts and ideas, thinking everyone is out to steal them and beat them to the top of the mountain.  It always surprises me that people close themselves off in that way.  Isn’t the whole idea of life to “share” and welcome community into your life?  I think the alternative leads to a lonely, miserable life.

It is so much more fun and rewarding to support people in the journey of soaring and to champion them on.  And, you know what, if one of your ideas helps them get to their proverbial top that much faster, then kudos to you for lifting them higher!

I want the whole website of Sharing Our Life, Love and Food to be about this practice of “sharing” and “helping” others so let me put this into practice with the sharing of this tip.

Here is a simple idea that will help everyone when they are decorating the standard cupcake. It will make you look like an expert baker in an instant!

1.  Go out to any craft store and buy yourself a good quality, dishwasher safe, pastry bag used for piping.

2.  Next, purchase a coupler which is a 2 piece device consisting of a base and a ring that holds a decorating tip into place on a pastry bag and allows you to change decorating tips without having to change the bag.

3.  Finally, purchase an extra large star decorating tip.  Be sure the coupler fits the decorating tip you purchase.  The bigger the star tip, the better!

Then all you have to do the next time you make cupcakes is to pull out the pastry bag and assemble the extra large star decorating tip on the end, attaching it with the coupler, place the icing inside the bag and then pipe away in a spiral motion starting at the center of the cupcake and moving out and then coming back in – think of a soft serve, ice cream cone style, swirling motion.  There is no decorating skill involved other than knowing how to move your hand in a spiral formation and learning to squeeze the piping out of the pastry bag at the same time.

This is the single best tip I could ever pass on for decorating just about anything with the end result of making something look extremely complicated and fancy when in fact it literally takes seconds and takes your cupcake to the next level!

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