Whom Do You Trust?

draft cookbook-767

Whom do you trust to ultimately speak the truth to you?  Do you have that ‘person’ in your life that will lay it all out before you with heart and honesty no matter how difficult it may be?  Whom do you trust to tell you what no one else dares to tell you for fear of retribution?

I call these kinds of people in my life, authentic angels, who are always looking out for their ‘posse’ and willing on a moment’s notice to tell the truth no matter what. Have you found that these types of people are rare finds, true gems?

We all appreciate and instantly connect with people who are authentic and genuine and not just telling us what we want to hear.  We know the moment a word comes out of their mouth that they speak the truth because if you pay close attention, you will immediately react with a sense of peace.  Where on the other hand, we can sniff out a phony the instant they breath a word and as a result, internal chaos begins to ensue. Authentic angels are masters at offering the highest expression of love and kindness.  Let’s all learn from them!  They are our teachers of trust.


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