Moistest Chocolate Cake You’ve Ever Had

chocolate cake

If you love chocolate cake, this is the recipe for you but I have to fill you in on a couple of secret ingredients.  You will see in the recipe that it calls for cocoa and coffee.  Simple, right?  Well, I have to tell you that these 2 ingredients were the trickiest parts of the recipe as the type of cocoa and coffee used altered the flavor drastically so it took a lot of trial and error.  It wasn’t enough to use just any ‘ol generic coffee.  The more premium the better!  If you don’t believe me, try making both and do a taste test.  My preference ended up being a medium roast coffee bean that was ground just prior to using.  As far as chocolate goes, I long discovered that I really love the flavor of Rodelle cocoa in most all of my chocolate recipes.  It’s not acidic in any way like I found others to be and gives you a full, rich, decadent chocolate flavor.  Yum!  Give the recipe a try and let me know how it goes!

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