Taking Anything Chocolate to the Next Level


Have you ever wondered how to make chocolate the “superstar” of a dish?  As I mentioned the other day, choosing the type of chocolate you use is so important but also there is one trick that will make your chocolate soar to the next level.  It’s adding espresso powder to any and all of your chocolate recipes.  Just dissolve it in any liquid you are adding to your recipe.  I’ll usually warm milk and just add a tablespoon of espresso powder to it.

Okay, now it’s confession time.  I have never actually had espresso powder on hand in my kitchen but what I do have is the next best thing – coffee grinds.  Seriously?  I know it sounds crazy.  All you have to do is take a bunch of your used wet coffee grinds and lay them out in a single layer on a parchment lined baking sheet and place it in your oven on the lowest setting, usually somewhere around 250 and bake them until all the moisture is out of them and they are slightly crunchy.  It normally takes about an hour to dry them out in the oven.  Once the grounds are dried, remove the baking sheet from the oven and let cool to room temperature.  Then, place the dried grounds in a coffee grinder and process them into a fine powder.  Place the grinds..oops, I mean “espresso powder” into a glass jar with a lid and then store in the freezer until next time.  It literally lasts months if not years!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!  ‘Tis the season of chocolate!


4 thoughts on “Taking Anything Chocolate to the Next Level

  1. Good tip. I’ve also used (once wet) dried coffee grounds in my chocolate espresso soap! I normally have espresso powder around, but maybe I won’t bother to now…since I could just make my own :-).

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