Cookbook is Now Available!


Well, I took a leap of faith yesterday and made the cookbook available for sale to the public.  You can check it out here at

I was so nervous in “exposing” myself that I was sweating profusely all throughout the morning yesterday before I hit the send button (you can read more about it on yesterday’s post).  Once I hit send, an excitement and peace came over me all at the same time and then a silent heart song came belting out a tune as I went and visited with friends for the afternoon (if only someone else could have heard it!).  Those are my favorite kind of songs – pure radiating joy being emitted out of the heart without a note ever being heard just felt!  It actually was so overwhelming it made me weep when I was later in the car driving along thinking of Tyler and looking up at the sky with the sun setting over the majestic Colorado Rockies.  I like to call those “God moments” when you know someone is looking down on you in that moment and hugging you with all their might.

Thank you so much everyone for all the kind words, flowers, messages and champagne toasting voicemails!  You lifted me in ways I didn’t know were possible.

I kept getting messages and phone calls asking, “How many did you sell on your first day?”  I woke up this morning thinking about those phone calls and having the reassuring thought that this whole process should never be about how many books are sold (although I have to admit it was fun to see the report from the company on the sales yesterday – I just wish I could see who bought the book and personally thank all of you  but unfortunately that’s kept private so please email me ( with your address if you did!).  I almost didn’t make the book available for sale to the public since it was extremely pricey to print such a large book in full color and I was scared that people would think that I was making a killing on this book.  I’m not!  I just wanted to share it with you all and stay true to the title of the book.

So, I may never make the NY Times Bestseller List (although my daughter and I were featured in the Gazette this morning: but what I do know is that I have an amazing group of people who have supported me all along the way and something I consider to be priceless.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart friends!  It was never about earning money, it was for my kids.



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