Rest for the Weary

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I have a couple of tips on grilling!  The first is to pull the meat you are going to grill out of the refrigerator about an hour before you want to grill it.  This gives the temperature a chance to come down and it will cook more evenly on the grill – it will basically increase your odds that you won’t have any extreme cold spots that will cook unevenly.

The second tip is that it is important to go a little heavy handed on seasoning with salt and pepper before it goes on the grill to give it some added depth of flavor and it will get you a nice outer crust on the meat!

Thirdly, it’s pyromania time!  I say that of course in complete jest – please do be careful!!  Oil your grill before placing the meat down onto the grill.  Now it’s different for everyone on how they like to “oil” up their grill.  My husband would say grab the can of non-stick spray and spray away!  I would say grab some olive oil and douse it on a paper towel and run the oiled paper towel across the grill to slick it up.  Each to their own – there is no right or wrong just your own preference of playing with fire!

The last tip is after grilling the meat be sure and place it on a platter and/or cutting board and cover it tightly with foil to let rest for about 10-15 minutes.  All of the juices from the steak will be reabsorbed and make it super juicy!   The only caveat to that is if the meat is overcooked, there is no hope in reviving it!  That happened to us recently at a dinner party with a couple of flank steaks my husband was grilling.  He got a little distracted and overcooked these puppies.  Not the end of the world but a little disappointing.  Oh well, everyone still gobbled it up and enjoyed themselves!  It helped that we poured a reduced version of the marinade over the top just before serving!  That’s just real world cooking people – I will never pretend that we have a perfect meal each and every time!!

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