Owning the Mess

jpeg version Page 6

Well, my tail is between my legs because a good friend pointed out an error in the book that has already went out to so many of you (thank you, btw, for believing in me enough to purchase the book.  It greatly warms my heart.).

Somehow, what was meant to be “rolled oats” turned into “rolled saucepan” in the finished product on not just one recipe but two!!  My heart sank when I read the email and just thought, oh no – this can’t be.  I opened one of my old versions of my cookbook and it said, “rolled oats” and then went online to look at the file that was printed and guess what it said, “rolled saucepan”.  So to everyone out there I am so sorry for this blatant, crazy error.  I hope it makes you laugh ’cause it made me to cry!  But, I have to face the reality that the mistake is there so wanted to be the first to tell everyone about.  Check out page 82 and page 91 and go on the scavenger hunt to find “rolled saucepan”!  Please know it is meant to say “rolled oats”!

So, yet again the mess side of things revealed but that’s just part of life.  You have to live and learn and someday this might just might make a funny story after I get through my cry fest!

4 thoughts on “Owning the Mess

  1. You’re in great company E 🙂 I can’t tell you how many authors have shared this news after publishing the first run of their book. We all have the “mess” in our lives and love supporting you in this journey. Hope all future tears are ones of sheer, uncontrollable laughter. You’re amazing and so is your book and “saucepan” can’t change that 🙂

  2. Hey, I’ll try a saucepan in there and see what I get!!! You know, you always follow the recipe as it’s printed??!!

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