Too Many to Count

oprah collage

So this whole “life” section of the blog is probably going to result more or less in sharing my favorite quotes with you as that is what I tend to gravitate towards on a day-to-day basis.  So buckle up for a ride with words that with lift and move you like the most exhilarating roller coaster you have ever been on.  (Okay, maybe not the best analogy as I can’t really ride roller coasters – I get crazy dizzy and sick to my stomach.  It sounded good though for a minute.  You get my point!)

Back in the Fall, I was lucky enough to win tickets to Oprah’s Live the Life You Want weekend in Seattle.  To say it was a phenomenal weekend is a true understatement.  My cup runneth over with taking “it” all in – from the amazing trailblazers (Mark Nepo, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rob Bell, Iyanla Vanzant and of course, Oprah) who spoke at the conference to the incredible women (& just a few men!) who filled the arena.  It was so unbelievably empowering!

We were given a bracelet at the start of the weekend and when Oprah first came out onto the stage, one by one each of our bracelets lit up the dark arena, representing the light in each and every one of us!  It was such a powerful message without anyone having to speak a word!

I really could go and on and about the weekend (talking with Adam Glassman, Creative Director of O Magazine, who complimented my crazy gold pants that I was so self-conscious in (completely out of the norm from my typical relaxed everyday attire) to taking pictures with quirky and fun Carla Hall, a co-host of The Chew and former Top Chef star – it was truly a blast!) to soaking in as much wisdom from the wise life teachers.

What stuck out in my mind from the weekend were the amazing words that were spoken and so I want to share some of those with you.  I hope they help you as much as they have helped me.  They have turned into guiding mantras in my life that I repeatedly look at to keep myself on course.  It’s not easy, it takes practice.  Practice turns into daily habits and thoughts.  I think the power of what you surround yourself with holds true with words so I look at these quotes almost daily.  I probably could have spent the next year posting each week on these quotes but I will spare you and give it to you in one lump sum!

  1. Choose Love.  If you make a choice to operate from a place of love, life is just softer and not quite so harsh.
  2. Trust the voice within you and pay attention to when you feel exalted and lifted.  Move yourself closer to those things that lift you.  Be wary of those voices that have the opposite effect and trust what they are telling you at the core of your being.  This instinctual nature is especially important when it comes to who you surround yourself with.  Do you walk away feeling lifted or do you walk away feeling drained?  Trust that voice.  I love the quote of Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them the first time”.  Oh if I had only known all of this when I was younger, I could have saved myself a lot of heartache.
  3. You become what you believe.  This is one of the more powerful quotes that really hit home.  You must believe in yourself and change the pattern of what you tell yourself.  There is only one difference between people who believe in themselves and those who don’t.  People who believe in themselves speak kindly to themselves when they close their eyes at night and settle in with their “real” thoughts and they put action behind those thoughts.  You become what you believe.  Please believe in “YOU”rself!!  Anything is possible but it has to come from you and not anyone else.
  4. Be responsible for the energy you bring into this world.  Be aware of what you bring to a situation.  If you come in mad and angry, you are passing that on to others.  If you enter a situation with positive intentions, you will pass that on to everyone around you.
  5. Life, she is my friend; she will hold my hand.  Life isn’t out to get any of us.  Life guides us each and every step of the way if we are willing to pay attention and be honest with ourselves.
  6. What you focus on expands.  Oh boy, I know this one to be true.  Pay close, close attention to what you focus on!  Focus on the good!!  This is especially important in a marriage.  Look at the big picture and not the little, minute, things that drive you up a wall.  This takes a lot of practice!!
  7. Your intention with each and everything you do must be aligned with your core beliefs and values.  If you enter a situation with a maligned intention/ulterior motive, you will not get the end result you are “expecting”.  Your core beliefs and values will win every time and keep you from fulfilling the “ulterior motive”/destiny that you wish for.  They work hand in hand so set an intention that aligns with your values and what you truly believe in your heart.   
  8. Let every step move you in the direction of your vision.  This can be a guiding practice each and every day if you have a goal to achieve.  Set that goal by writing it down in a place you will see  each and every day and take yourself on a walk to that place every day.  Each step will get you that much closer, even if it is to a place that you can’t physically see from your front porch!  You are one step closer. 
  9. Strength x Strength x Strength = Power.  This applies to not only physical strength but mental fortitude.  Strengthen your body, strengthen your mind.  I think of my oh so powerful nephew who can lift more than any human I have ever known.  He has no idea how much mental fortitude that strength has given him.  He can get through anything that life throws his way.  He is that strong and POWERFUL!
  10. Invictus: I am the master of my fate…I am the captain of my soul.  You are in the driver’s seat of your life steering the direction you want it to go. 
  11. Understand the power of your words.  How you speak to (and about) others is a direct reflection of what you feel on the inside about yourself. 
  12. Change your body, change your mind, change your life.  A good mantra for getting back on the saddle with exercise!
  13. Listen to all that life is telling you. Pay attention to the whispers. 
  14. We are all miracles and gifts of life and light.
  15. Authenticity is the courage to be yourself.  Don’t change who you are at your core for anyone.
  16. Every life you have ever touched is your legacy.  It doesn’t matter if it is one life or millions.  What matters is that you made a difference.
  17. Use your personality to serve the deeper, greater calling of your soul.
  18. Life is validated by our service to others.  Open your heart and give back to the world.
  19. Gratitude each and every day – Say “thank you” daily.  I love this idea that was passed on to me many years ago by a dear friend.  When you get out of bed each morning, step down with one foot and say, “Thank” and as you set your 2nd foot down, say, “You”.  It is a “Thank You” prayer that you have been granted another day on this earth.  A great way to start any day!   
  20. Be the hero of your own epic story.  Do some research about what entails a story to be epic.  There are always consistent parts and characters of an epic story.  It will make you look at your life differently when certain people and/or obstacles come in and out of your life. 
  21. Live with an open heart.  LOVE, LOVE this one!
  22. A body in motion stays in motion.  Yeah, yeah, yeah….this is an oldie but a goodie.  Get up off the couch people and move!  We know what to do!  Our lives were never intended to be experienced from a 2 ft. view up on a couch staring at a television!
  23. Create the highest, grandest vision for your life.  Then, let every step move you in that direction.  Dream away and then go make it happen!!

6 thoughts on “Too Many to Count

  1. On this rainy morning, I decided to stop for a bit-as things have been all to busy lately. Reading this caused a calm. Thanks much for opening my eyes- and so early in the morning! A great way to start the day and especially on a Sunday to begin a new week. Sometimes getting wrapped up in the chaos- it helps to have reminders. Whispers of great things…

  2. I love that you said “Choose Love” first. With that in mind, ones intentions are very clear. Bob Goff, who wrote Love Does, also goes by that Mantra. The bi-product is a community that easily lends a hand to a neighbor, which in turn creates peace, which then has a domino affect…….what if everyone got your message?

    • You just gave me chills Allis – you are so right! Wouldn’t that be an amazing domino effect! It really is about each and every person placing loving in their heart and just operating from that space with each and every action. It makes such a difference. Can’t wait to read “Love Does”! It sounds right up my alley. Thanks!! Love this sharing stuff!!

  3. WOW!! Those are truly inspiring. Thanks for taking the time to share. There is something I can take away from each and every one of them.

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