Learning to Be Resourceful


Learning to be resourceful in the kitchen is a handy thing.  We all can’t have everything on hand at all times so you have to learn to use your imagination and become resourceful on a moment’s notice.

How many times have you seen a recipe call for buttermilk and you have none in sight!  It happens to me all the time.  There really isn’t anything like the real thing but I wanted to tell you about an easy substitute for buttermilk that I use quite often, especially for pancakes or waffles.

All you have to do is combine a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar with 2 cups of milk in a glass measuring cup (I prefer white vinegar because the flavor is less mild than all of the other varieties), let sit for a few minutes (usually around 5 minutes) until it begins to curdle, stir; and then use according to the recipe.  Isn’t that easy!

I have tried other substitutes such as lemon juice but frankly I have never found lemon tasting pancakes all that appealing, especially when they are vanilla based.  Of course, if you are desperate all you have to know is that any type of acidic liquid combined with regular milk is a fair game substitute for buttermilk.  I know you are probably wondering what else can you use?  Well besides white vinegar and lemon juice, orange juice or plain greek yogurt can work and I have even tried raspberry vinegar as well as many other flavored vinegars!  When you are desperate, you are desperate so you will try just about anything!  White vinegar, hands down, is my favorite substitute and I easily have a gallon supply of it on hands at all times since I also use it for cleaning!

So while we are talking about buttermilk have you ever wondered what it is exactly.  Buttermilk is just the  liquid that is left over after butter is churned from cream.  There is actually zero butter in buttermilk and there is less fat than regular milk.  Interesting, huh!

Hope you enjoyed this kitchen tip.  Go have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Learning to Be Resourceful

  1. This is a great tip! I’ve used it more times than buttermilk…really works. I prefer the white vinegar too. :o)

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