Confessions of a Book Worm

book worm2

The other day I was dangerously teetering over 20 finds up to the counter at the Pikes Peak Library, all the while thinking, “Elayne you are crazy – who can really read this many books and magazines in a 3 week period and who in their right minds carries that many at one time. Put some of them back, will ya!” Of course, I couldn’t. I didn’t want to leave “anyone” out – kind of like on Toy Story when they talk about the lonely toys that no one ever chooses just based on their appearance alone. I will try just about any book, irrespective of what it looks like on the outside!

I’ve never really thought of myself as addicted to anything but this might come darn close. Crazy, I tell you! The security guard and librarian were laughing at me ‘cause I told them I should probably be on one of those hoarding shows for books. It’s such a blessing that I actually have to return these as I would probably fill every inch of our office with every book imaginable if I could! That thought often lingers in my mind – Poof! The dream sequence cloud pops into my head where I see our office magically transformed into a traditional study/library. When we first moved into this home, I walked into the empty office space looked around and thought oh this will be nice but then I peer upwards at the triangular cathedral ceiling that goes up over 15 feet. I instantly envisioned a library with one of those tall ladders that would get you up to the highest of shelves. Then, of course, reality set in and I realized I would have to dust all the shelves and crawl up there and poof, the dream vanished! So I set that dream back on the shelf for now to collect its rightful dust!

Back to my story of being a transient book hoarder: Saturday after finishing up the interview for the local radio show, I happily spent the evening blaring music throughout the house, pouring through each of the non-fiction books I had picked up at the library to see which one was going to be the first that I tackled. I know a wild and crazy Saturday night! Ooh! Living on the wild side! I know, better slow down!

My daughter commented, after about an hour of silence between us, when she sees me out of the corner of her eye, couch dancing to the music, beat bopping along, as I flip through page after page of all these books, “Mom you are SO HAPPY”!  Oh gosh, that definitely hit a heart string as she hit the nail on the head, I just love learning and reading about other people’s experiences!  I think that’s why I love nonfiction so much.  I love those kind of comments from my kids (so much better than the opposite!) because I could feel it too. This is a routine of mine that I just LOVE! I try to curtail it to once a month since I can only keep the books for 3 weeks so hence the description of me being a 3-week Book Hoarder. The walk of shame back to the library to return them all is a day of dread. Imagine my elation when I can renew them for another 3 weeks!! True joy sets in!

So enough rambling, here are the books that I have grabbed over the last month.  I can’t say they are all keepers but I did make a few notes after some of them:

Let’s All Be Brave by Annie Downs – On Shauna Niequist’s read list so had to pick this up!  Brave is such an overinflated concept that people are scared of.  It literally is just taking the first step, walking through the muck of your own self-defeating thoughts!

The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian – You can never go wrong with prayer!!

The Sense of Style by Steven Pinker – The book is for serious writers – way out of my league!

The new Greenmarket Cookbook by Gabrielle Langholtz – This book is stunning and magical – makes me want to get back in the kitchen!  My family will attest to the fact that I haven’t been overly eager lately to cook a lot of new things. Not sure exactly why but know as soon as the weather straightens up, I will be back at it!

Talk Like TED – I love, love, love TED talks so really anything with TED in the title seals the deal!  If there is one thing you should check out it is TED Talks and just listen to the topics that interest you every chance you get.  Play them when you are getting ready in the morning or driving off to work, they are fantastic and will just give you a lot to think about and discuss with others.  Can’t say enough about them -powerful stuff!

Creativity by Philippe Petit – Odd bird I have to say but offers such a unique take on things.

In the Kitchen with Kris by Kris Jenner – I wouldn’t normally pick up a cookbook like this at the library but it piqued my interest and was curious to see what type of recipes would be included. Once you get past the glitz and glamour which is a little off-putting (thinking that it is going to be way out of your league kind of cooking) but surprisingly it was down-to-earth easy cooking just like what it is in the next book!

Sharing our Life, Love and Food by Elayne Prechtel (I think this book will show up on every list I put out!)  = )

Sarah Style by Sarah Richardson – A bright, fun, colorful, decorating book to browse through.

Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me: The Pursuit of Happiness, One Celebrity at a Time by Rachel Bertsche – This was more fluff than substantial but it was a quick, light-hearted read.

Scissors, Paper, Crafts – I’m not much of a crafter so this book was not for me.  I was sort of hoping it would inspire me to take on a project but no so luck!

Giftwrapped by Jane Means – This book gives me hope that someday I will actually learn how to wrap a present properly.

Insight Selling – I read this one out loud to my husband at the breakfast table as I probably picked it up more for him than me since I’m not really in the biz of “selling” but it was quite interesting the vantage point of really honing in on how people think and accept information from others.  All common sense stuff but always good to hear and understand.

Virtual Unreality by Charles Seife – Interesting take on what our modern day “reality” has become with all of our devices and assumptions of the internet.

Welcome to the Real World – almost done with this one.  More for the younger crowd of those just starting out.

Still working on finishing all of the below:

The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau

The Zim Zum of Love by Rob and Kristen Bell

Patio Pizzeria

Delancey: A Man, a Woman, A Restaurant, a Marriage

Handmade Gatherings – I started this one but had to set it down.  I know I am going to love this so wanted to make sure that I set time aside to really savor and enjoy this book!

I Am That Girl

Never Be Closing

The last 3 months of Bloomsberg Business Week and Success Magazines

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