“Courage is Doing Small Things with Love”


I read this quote a while back that described Mother Teresa’s mantra. It said, “The practice of courage is doing small things with love.”  I have repeated this quote to myself several times lately. It intimidates me to no end to fathom the idea of having 100s of people in my home at one time or the notion that slyly pops into my daydreaming head, will anyone even come? I push that one right out ‘cause I don’t even want to go there. I will just assume that at least one person will show up!

When the book was released, an idea slid into motion of having a “Share Party” where we open up our home and just “share” parts of the book with people, everything from food and recipes to DIY vanilla to handmade napkins. It was a nice, fun idea but now that the reality of it all has set in, I’m saying to myself what was I thinking. All these crazy thoughts keep popping into my head: Can our house even hold that many people?, Where will everyone sit?, Should it be somewhere else where someone else serves the food and drinks and cleans up?, How much do I need of everything?, Do I have enough plates, glasses, etc. I could go on and on?

I silently say to myself, “Am I out of my mind for taking this on?”! Do I sound overwhelmed? I have to admit, I am…a little. I repeat again, “the practice of courage is doing small things with love.” So operating from a place of love, I am focusing on all of the little, small things that need to get done for this party to happen and eventually the finish line will come!  So keeping my head down and just plugging away!

What that means is that the “Baking Extravaganza for the Share Party” has begun. Everyone has been so amazing in supporting this endeavor that now that I have come to my senses and realized that I did take this on, I feel it’s the very least we can do is open up our home and invite people in to just say thank you to everyone and have a good time celebrating the launch of this whole endeavor of Sharing Our Life, Love and Food.

I spent about 16 hours in the kitchen the other day, literally from the wee hours of the morning until late into the evening, baking away and stashing it all in the freezer. I am feeling so much better about trying to pull this off. It’s not like we have parties of this size every weekend and my biggest fear is not having enough for everyone so maybe I’m going overboard planning so far in advance but at least there will be plenty of food (or so I hope!).

I am trying to stick with simple, easy things that can feed a crowd so there won’t be any fancy fare but that’s okay, I think it makes everyone more relaxed when it is all familiar food (or at least that is what I’m telling myself)!  So I am warning you all now (ha ha!), don’t expect anything foo foo other than a fun “foo foo” drink some friends taste tested the other day and declared a winner!  = )  I also have to confess that I may even resort to paper plates….which is so unlike me and my tree saving ways but desperate times call for desperate measures people so bear with me on this!  Sacrifices are being made!

So back to the baking extravaganza, I have about 500 cookies baked, 100s of paper thin lemon thyme crackers in the freezer (Do you know how long it takes to get those tiny little thyme leaves off the stem! I’m so used to using a teaspoon here and there that it always has seemed like an effortless thing. That was UNTIL, I realized I was going to need cupfuls of those little leaves for this baking endeavor – no small feat getting thousands of those tiny little suckers into a measuring cup! I will never look at a thyme leaf the same again! Batches of rosemary slider rolls and a couple hundred mini cupcakes are now done and stashed away in the freezer. I finished the table skirt that is hiding our ping pong table and doubling as the dessert bar and knocked out a bunch of handmade napkins so a small dent has been made in the overall “master plan” but I still have 4 weeks to go so should be able to get it all done!.

So on to more important things, I’ve been toying with the idea of a “take home” for everyone but can’t seem to narrow it down. What do you think would be a good take home party gift – a baked treat, homemade vanilla, a handmade paper ornament from the pages of the book, a set of homemade napkins or something else? I would love your thoughts and ideas so send them my way. Speaking of which I have loved getting your emails so keep them coming. They have made my day and I am still in awe that people would take time out of their busy lives to email little ‘ol me!

BTW, the invitations haven’t even gone out yet – so don’t worry, I haven’t forgot you.  That is still on my to do list – should be soon though!  We really don’t want to forget anyone so please send me your email if you don’t hear from me within the next week!  I promise I didn’t omit anyone on purpose!  Just consider it a way of helping me out and letting me know you want to come and will show up so I can put my mini daydream/nightmare that no one will come to rest!


4 thoughts on ““Courage is Doing Small Things with Love”

  1. Oh the joys of sharing….and you are sharing so much! Here is to more strength to persevere! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!! 😀🐠 You are doing great!

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