Change Your Cookie, Change Your Life

dark chocolate toffee cookies1

I brought in some cookies to share with the folks at the radio station a couple of weekends ago and we ended up talking about the recipe on Table Talk. I shared with the listeners the secrets of creating the best chocolate chip cookie out there. I believe it is in the chocolate. If you have a great base recipe than all you have to do is step it up a notch by experimenting with 2 things.

The first is to buy the best quality chocolate bar that you absolutely love and chop it up into small bits and use in lieu of the “waxed chocolate chips” you get in the store. You will probably never go back to eating chocolate chips again!  Notice after you try it how the chocolate bits melt within the cookie – very different than a standard “chip”.

The 2nd tip is to up the ante on the vanilla. Every recipe out there says to use a teaspoon of vanilla. This is such a skimpy approach that gives you very little. Try ramping it up and adding in a full tablespoon and see what it does to the flavor of your cookies. Now, I have to tell you that the quality of the vanilla you use does absolutely make a difference. Imitation vanilla…not so good. The real deal…heaven!!

Here is a recipe that I put up on Pinterest where you can try these 2 tips.  In case you are wondering, I purchase the Dark Chocolate and Toffee Caramel Bars at Sprouts Grocery Store. Someone asked me where I got my toffee caramel bars and they assumed that I was talking about Heath bars. Since I don’t normally frequent the candy bar aisle, I completely forgot that toffee is associated with that type of candy bar. I am not one for breaking my teeth so try the Toffee Caramel Bar at Sprouts – it is just like a bar of dark chocolate that you can easily chop into bits and melts in your mouth. They have a whole variety so you can experiment with any flavor combination. They are all great! I also love that they don’t have any type of preservative or artificial flavor or colors.  (And no, I do not receive any type of compensation for telling you that about Sprouts – the whole premise for the project is “sharing” not selling.).  = )

3 thoughts on “Change Your Cookie, Change Your Life

  1. My kids LOVE the jumbo Chocolate Chip cookie recipe! Using what was in my pantry, I substituted pure Florida Cane Sugar (Demerara sugar) for the brown sugar, which gave the cookies a grainy texture the kids actually enjoyed. Also, I read the recipe wrong & decreased the sugar instead of increasing it, because I’m at sea level. This did not effect the outcome. They turned out delicious! We used a combo. of Enjoy Life mini-choco. chips & the dark choco. chips.

  2. Oooh….need to try this & let the kids pick out their favorite candy bar. They can bake & then eat their own creation.

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