Everyone is Going Bananas!


This may seem like the most obvious tip in the world and I was hesitant to even post it but as a friend said if you don’t share it, you won’t know if you are helping someone out.  So I’m sharing this easy tip!

We have all been in the quandary of having browned, overripe bananas sitting out on our counter tops with nothing to use them for.

I have a simple tip – take that whole bunch of over ripe bananas and just pop them in the freezer.  Pull out as many or as little as you need for future recipes.  You can either pull them out of the freezer and let them sit on your counter until they are thawed or you can run them under warm water or even pop them in the microwave.  Your choice!  Just peel away as normal but I’ll warn you they get mushy but it’s perfection for baking so don’t get caught up with their unsightly brown, squishy appearance!

This works great for smoothies and there is no need to even let them thaw.  Just peel them and add to the blender.

I do this all the time for banana bread, banana pancakes and if I’m lucky and my mom is visiting – banana donuts!  Hope this is helpful!  For more kitchen tips, check out www.sharingourlifeloveandfood.com.

6 thoughts on “Everyone is Going Bananas!

  1. Because I still like to try new recipes, I brought out banana doughnuts when we visited Elayne and family last week, never dreaming Elayne would immediately notice they weren’t ‘my’ banana doughnuts. So, case in point, different ingredients and recipes do make a big difference. I know now to make ‘my’ banana doughnut recipe for them and use my experiments for someone else. 😘

  2. They also make a yummy, dairy free ice cream this way! I place 2 (peeled) frozen bananas in my food processor with 2 TBSP of peanut butter, 1 tsp. vanilla and blend until creamy. Usually, I’ll add a splash of coconut water to get the bananas moving.

  3. I do this too. It works like a dream. I agree, don’t get caught up in the brownish appearance, they work great.

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