Can You Dunk?

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Can you dunk?  Well, it’s my daughter’s goal to be able to dunk a basketball someday and she is getting closer to achieving her goal each and every month but that’s a story for another day.

This dunking question is all about the cookie.  Years ago when the “biscuit”, other wise known as our modern day cookie, was first created, it was intended to be dry and hard as a rock so it could withstand the test of time on ships and feed a bunch of people.  In Italy, it became known as “biscotti”, derived from the latin word, biscoctus, meaning “twice-baked”.  This is a dry cookie that is meant to be dunked in either hot tea or coffee or I say, even hot chocolate!  It is a perfect cookie that can stay in a jar on your counter for months.  My mom has done this for years and it has become the go to snack for her grandkids (and husband!).

People who haven’t tried biscotti before have always been a little shocked to go in for the first bite with the expectation of their teeth sinking right through a moist cookie.  This isn’t that type of cookie.  It is hard and dry and needs a little help so always remember to “dunk” that bad boy in something before taking the first bite.  You won’t regret it!

When trying to decide on what favors to pass out at the Share Party, this was one of the first things we thought of so if you aren’t able to make the Party, give this Chocolate Almond Biscotti recipe a try.  I promise you will be hooked and it is sure to become a family favorite for holiday time or just casual tea time, curled up with a book on a Sunday afternoon.

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