The One Word that Will Change Your Life.

share party-9 Share means to let someone have or use a part of something that is yours. It can be your heart, your mind or even your possessions. It takes courage and heart to share yourself with others. It seems like such an easy concept but it is so much more complicated than people realize. It means being vulnerable, putting yourself out there, exposing your flaws, exploring possible rejection but most especially it means that you are taking the steps towards offering kindness and love to others. I really don’t think there is a better gift out there than sharing. SHARE is a powerful, powerful word that is so important. There is so much to be learned from sharing. Look what is gained when people share their perspectives, their point of view and their experiences. We learn. The only requirement needed is that we must be receptive and open to what is being shared; otherwise the gift of the share can quickly dissipate and be lost in an instant. What I love most about the word “share” is that it must involve more than yourself. I believe we are designed to share with others and not be hoarders, keeping things all to ourselves. The word was never intended to be singular in nature, it is always plural. Always built around the concept of community, always built around more than one person, a concept that brings people together instead of tearing them apart. It is a mantra that all of us can practice more: share your heart, share your soul, share your mind, share your thoughts, share your words and what sticks out most in my eyes is to share your life, share your love and share your food. The list really could go on and on but those last three will bring people together and bond you in unfathomable ways. Think about the last time you shared with someone and the result of that sharing. I just had a wonderful weekend with two dear friends who I have known for more than a decade but haven’t seen for several years.   The time apart didn’t matter, we let our guards down and opened our hearts and we shared and we shared. And, one by one by one, we each in different ways heard each other saying to each other, “you too”, “omg, me too”! Those words hit me straight in my heart. It made me immediately think, they have gone through the very things that I thought I walked alone on. We never would have known had we not “shared”. Be willing to put yourself out there. I am not telling you to share your deepest and darkest with every person you know, just those who have earned your trust and the right to hear it from you. What I will tell you is that you may quickly realize the power of that share when they in turn, open up their heart to you and share back and you look back at them with your mouth gaping open almost in awe and say, “me too” with a shrug of relief. That statement alone is like a hand reaching out and taking hold of yours and squeezing tight letting you know that someone else has been there too. As an experiment, try to “share” something from yourself each and every day for the next week and then pay attention to how that opens your world. I know from personal experience, it has almost instantly opened mine. Welcomed sunshine into a heart that has craved light! I just know that it will do the same for you. Give it a try and then share your experience.  Can’t wait to hear about it!. For more, go to  Be sure and click the “follow” button on the blog page to receive new posts via email.

One thought on “The One Word that Will Change Your Life.

  1. Omg, so thought provoking and true. May we think upon these words (of wisdom) daily, heed them and SHARE in the many ways we each can. I love it!

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