T-H-I-N-K before you speak.


For the past several days, I have been thinking about the quote, “Everything comes with a price”. I had this epiphany the other day where that quote came to mind realizing that all the time and energy that I have put into the book and other projects these last several years has come at a price…a price to just about everything. I so desperately wanted to write about it but when I sat down this morning I kept going back to a series that our church is doing right now called Words with Friends and it’s really starting to sink in.

Here is a summary of how they have described this “Words with Friends” series: “Words are powerful things. They give us the power to heal and the power to hurt. The power to give hope and the power to discourage. The power to build up and the power to tear down. There is no marriage, family, friendship, or relationship that isn’t either made stronger or made weaker by how you choose and use your words. Yet controlling what we say from moment to moment is perhaps one of the most daunting challengers…It is the closest most of us will ever come to trying to tame a wild beat. This series will help each of us in our quest to control our tongue.”

I am not sure any of us quite know and understand the power of our words and how they can be used for us and, just as quickly, against us.  It all comes back to self-awareness and to recognize whether we are putting out more positive than negative into the world. Learning to come up out of ourselves and peer down at the shell of ourselves and just watch and listen and be aware.

During the series, this phrase of thinking before you speak has come up several times. They broke it down into the acronym terms that many of us have probably heard or seen before. To “T-H-I-N-K” of each letter of this word before saying a thing:

T – Ask your self is it “True” what you are about to say?

H- Is it “Helpful”?

I – Is it “Inspiring”

N – Is it “Necessary”

K – Is it “Kind”

So when I thought about writing about “Everything comes at a price”, I put that T-H-I-N-K acronym into motion and stopped myself from writing more about it as it’s really not “necessary”. Restraint can be a hard thing but I guess like anything it takes practice. So, I’m practicing by just shutting up = ) so I’ll leave you with the task they set before us this past weekend – an “Encouragement Challenge”. To go out and encourage at least one person every single day using the below guidelines:

  1. Whenever an encouraging thought comes to mind, “SHARE” it!
  2. When you see someone making positive changes in their life, “AFFIRM” them.
  3. Tell others how they have “ENCOURAGED” you.
  4. Write someone a “NOTE OF ENCOURAGEMENT”.
  5. When you introduce someone, add a few words of “PRAISE”.

So, let’s all go off to our day and see what types of “Encouragement” we can offer to all those around us! Should be a fun day!

For more, you can always check out http://www.sharingourlifeloveandfood.com.

4 thoughts on “T-H-I-N-K before you speak.

  1. I agree with Carrie 100%! Well said!

    Thanks for the “THINK” reminder & a standard to live up to. It’s always helpful to have those little reminders when speaking with others. As a mom that talks pretty straight up with her kids, I could use a huge muzzle at times, so thanks for the reminder! 😃

  2. Oh that is just the sweetest Carrie! I can’t believe you took time to write all that and it just means the world. Are you sure you are talking about me! Wasn’t I the crazy women trying to remember everything that needed to be done??!! – your perspective is so much better! Honestly was trying to stay super focused ’cause I did not want my kids to look back on this whole endeavor, years down the road, and think of it as a stressful, crazy time. I wanted them to look back and say, wow, that was fun and how lucky we are to have had the opportunity to welcome all those people into our home and share with them a part of our lives. I couldn’t have done it without all my wonderful friends from near (and far)! They were my saving grace! Thank you MY FRIEND!

  3. Being in your home, as you prepared for Sharing Your Life, Love and Food Party was a True gift. The word “Kindness” filled my thoughts as I experienced your friends bringing over fresh cut veggies, fruit & flowers as they helped set up. To your sister surprising you as she stood silently waiting for you to turnaround and take notice. I was in awe of it all, mostly your kindness to others.

    The memory that has me truly Inspired is when all of your children were gathered around the kitchen, as we were finishing up the corn and black bean salsa. The house was coming together and you were assigning a few Necessary tasks to them. One of the kids had a complaint but before they could finish what they were saying, the words that came out of your mouth floored me. In the most caring tone, you said, “Remember this is an honor, a privilege to have these people in our home.” Tears filled my eyes, as I realized this woman knows what life is about. She gets it! It’s sharing your gifts with others and that is what you do so well. Most of us would freak out having 150 guests in our home with no caterer in site. Nope! Not you Elayne. You welcome everyone with genuine love and kindness. Oh, and with lots of delicious FOOD! Making 1500 cookies could not have been an easy task! Thank you for inspiring me with your generous heart, amazing talents and sincere kindness. I am fortunate to call you friend.

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