…And So The Story Goes


So I’ve been a little less than faithful at posting consistently these past few weeks. Life took over with milestone birthdays, graduations out the wazoo, sports galore, a foot injury that finally sidelined me this week to get me to stay off my feet (unfortunately, still not happening but the infamous boot is helping!), and, the piece-de-resistance, to end the month-long frenzy, one ultimate wedding this past weekend.

The wedding went off without a hitch and my niece added some especially, fun and witty touches. One of them being this quote that sat next to the cocktail bar, “Have a Drink, Because No Great Story Ever Started With A Salad”.

paiten and david wedding-2

This had me rolling because it is so her and just got me thinking about how each of us writes our own story whether we know it or not. So I tried to offer her and her husband some thoughtful words when writing their card out by telling them something to this effect, “….and so now begins your story. It is up to you both to create the story you want for your lives. No one will write it for you. You will have every character imaginable come in and out of your lives, recognize them and enjoy their presence and what they may or may not be there to teach you. You will draft, scribble, fumble, erase the words of this story many times. It may never be Oscar worthy but that’s okay, steer it in the direction you want it to go and always course correct if it should go awry. The ultimate goal will be to know that you are the masters of your fate and the ultimate producers and directors of your story so stay true to your hearts and make it one damn good story!”  = )

Top Picture:  A trip down memory lane, almost 2 decades ago, my niece stood in our wedding as our flower girl and then fast forward to present day, a beautiful, young bride.

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2 thoughts on “…And So The Story Goes

  1. Glad you were able to enjoy the wedding. Also, glad you finally had your foot looked at. :o) Especially like your nieces quote….it’s so true and fun!!

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