When There is No Time To Cook

blueberries and tomatoes-3

We had a busy weekend jammed packed with basketball games and there just never seems to be enough time to cook.  It’s so easy to just eat out and call it good but honestly, we get tired fast from eating out with as many basketball games that we have so we try to make a point before we head out the door to pack ourselves some lunch.  It’s certainly not a superhero kind of story, it’s usually first thing in the morning when I am putting the lunches together and I’m less than thrilled while doing it.  My mind always wants to talk me out of it and says you know you want to eat out, it will be so much easier on you if don’t fuss with making lunches up.  Each and every time, I go through this combat in my head and with a sigh and a slight drag of my feet, I usually end up just pulling through and somehow get lunches put into a cooler.  I’m sighing now and rolling my eyes thinking about this painstaking process that goes through my head each and every time trying to do right by my family.  It’s certainly not effortless but always happy when the pushy, persistent one in my head doesn’t win out and cave under pressure!

Tonight after we got home, it was one of those cave moments of not wanting to cook so my husband offered to fire up the grill with some sausages.  Out of guilt, I offered to pitch in and whip up a family favorite that so often is a quick fall back for us on busy summer nights – Caprese Salad.  It’s one of the easiest recipes out there and takes just a couple of minutes to throw together.  It helped that we were able to pick up some great big basil plants today at Trader Joe’s in between basketball games.  Hope you enjoy the recipe and it becomes one of your family favorites too!

caprese salad elayne prechtel1 caprese salad elayne prechtel

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