Doesn’t matter if it is one life or millions…

chicken caprese wraps

“Every life you have ever touched is your legacy. It doesn’t matter if it is one life or millions. What matters is that you made a difference.” – Oprah

The naysayer:

I was sitting at a basketball game this weekend figuring out in my head what my son and I were going to tackle with his brother and sister in camp all week. My mind started wondering and it was one of those times where “it” started poking jabs at me, laying the “naysaying” on pretty heavily. With each and every thought that inner voice was talking myself out of just about everything. So very frustrating to have that all going on in my head. It started with feeling sorry for myself that I’m still in the foot boot so hiking, biking, etc. were out of the question and then I thought about us trying to work on some more recipes and then the thoughts just turned ugly. It started critiquing everything, what are you even doing, why are you even posting all these food pictures, blog posts, etc., who really cares about them, you are being inconsistent, you are wasting your time, people will get annoyed… Just one constant berating comment being fired over and over. I’m screaming back at myself in my head saying enough already, will you just stop!  Driving me crazy to the point that I wondered am I the only one having these types of conversations in my head or is it just me? And then with a ping sound, it all changed…

Next thing I know, I see a text message come through that says, “Call me, my daughter has something to share with you.” So after the game, driving home, I called my friend back and she put the phone on speaker and her daughter blurts out, “My mom was gone and I surprised my family by making them dinner and dessert from your cookbook ‘ALL BY MYSELF’ and I loved what I made them”! My heart skipped a beat hearing her words as well as the confidence and pride beaming out of her. This little girl’s words touched my heart so deeply and made the negative voices in my head disappear, all the while teaching me some valuable lessons:

  1. Share with people on how they have helped you. I want to do this more in my own life and remember to thank those people who constantly help me along the way. You just never know how those encouraging words can help someone else and how it could be the “magic” that turns their whole day around.
  2. Take that first step. We can so easily talk ourselves out of something but if we just throw caution to the wind and just try, amazing things can happen. This little girl had the confidence enough without her family around to give it her best try and make an entire meal on her own. She took the first step and just tried. Mistakes can happen but you will never know if you don’t try. The more your try it, the better you will get.
  3. Confidence is built by conquering defeating thoughts. I heard it in this girl’s voice without her ever saying the words. I heard her heart shouting, “I did it!”
  4. Give to the world more than you take. It doesn’t matter how big or small, your efforts may just touch another life and for that reason, alone, it is enough.
  5. It doesn’t matter the age, anyone or anything can teach you a lesson.

So, as an homage to this little girl who single-handedly tackled making dinner for her family, and turned my entire day around, I first want to say thank you sweet girl for being brave and trying something on your own that boosted your confidence and benefited your entire family. Thank you for sharing that with me. What a big heart you have! Secondly, let’s take her lead and share this recipe with you all and if this young girl can take this one on, so can you! It is super yummy and a perfect follow up if you have ingredients leftover from last night’s Caprese Salad: Chicken Caprese Wraps.

chicken caprese wraps elayne prechtel

One thought on “Doesn’t matter if it is one life or millions…

  1. I have to thank you for sharing your thoughts. I especially thank you opening your heart about the conversations in your head…we all have them, I have them, you’re not alone. You’re just brave enough to share. 🙂
    Your cookbook has changed the way I cook & made me realize I can cook. My oldest said, in response to my asking what should I make for dinner, let’s just randomly flip through Elayne’s cookbook & make whatever we land on. Now that’s trust in your book & knowing everything will be good. Just sharing….:

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