Looks Can Be Deceiving!


Failures Abound

Putting out pretty pictures is the easy part, I have to tell you.  It’s conquering the mishaps and failures that can stop you in your tracks.

Wise women have told me over and over again, just use shortening when you make pies.  The stubbornness in me says otherwise and I continue to make the same mistake over and over again.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of tricks to using butter successfully in making pies but continuously I make the same mistake over and over again of taking way too long to capture “the shot” and my pie crust ends up warming up and melts down the sides.  I can’t tell you how many times I have done this but being so determined to get the “shot” I just pretend that it won’t happen…AGAIN!

Today was one of those days…  Our house faces north and I consistently wait until the afternoon when the sun is heading west over the house to start taking photos just when the light is right.  Well today, Mother Nature said otherwise.  Just as I was about to start in on making this tomato pie, clouds rolled in, the sky darkened and guess what?  So did my kitchen and disaster ensued!

I thought it was important to share this part of baking too!  I would have to guess that no one gets it 100% right every single time and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not always baking bliss.  There are a ton of factors that come up and time is often my crux, trying to squeeze in yet another thing in between kids’ schedules, activities and well, just life!  As much as Facebook, Instagram and all social media will tell you otherwise with picture utopia, this is real life stuff.  Life isn’t perfect and photos aren’t either.  They are just a quick shot of a “moment” not of the entire process.  That’s a segment for another day!  I really want to capture the behind the scenes mess and craziness in the kitchen and share that with you all too!  This way you get to see the whole truth of a picture!

Sharing flaws, mishaps, blunders, raw, unedited images can be so freeing and just real.  So, as you see these pretty pictures, I want to highlight the end product while sticking out my tongue and saying see there you have it – complete disaster ‘cause I was so busy trying to get the shot in the terrible light that I completely ignored the fact that it was steaming hot in the house and the pie was literally melting before my eyes!!  This shot was taken just 1 minute after putting the pie in the oven…sigh!

Failures can trickle in at a snail’s pace, particularly if life isn’t drawing you out to seek new adventures.  Other times mishaps are abound and chasing your every step.  After a while, you come to realize that with each and every failure or what I like to call, blip in the road, you live to tell about it, life becomes more interesting and you learn to just move on.   And to quote a happy, happy fish – as Dory would say from Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimmin’, swimmin’, swimmin’!”  Life would simply be boring without some blunders along the way! Now, go have some fun tripping, stumbling, goofing up and just remember that it is much more fun to deal with those mishaps if you share them with others!


BTW, I didn’t have a recipe for this Tomato Basil Pie concoction.  I had read about how tomato pie is popular in the South and that it is common to use mayonnaise as a base for the pie.  It honestly didn’t sound particularly appealing so I was testing out a combination of goat cheese, shallots and herbs as a base to bake the tomatoes in!   The pie is still cooling so the verdict is out on how it actually tastes but hopefully it tastes better than it looks!


6 thoughts on “Looks Can Be Deceiving!

  1. I’m in the same boat as Jaeneen. Your mess looks like perfection to me. Have you ever tried coconut oil in a pie crust? I wonder if that would work?

    • I have tried using oil and the crust turns out great and never melts. I have found that I love the flavor of butter so much more! Go figure!

  2. Your mess, is my norm, but I keep plugging away!! 😉 How’d it taste? Sometimes my messes are still very yummy.

  3. >> Your pics are gorgeous!! Good job in revealing the failures. Think that’s what turns a lot of people off cooking when things don’t turn out like the pics.

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