Sibling Bliss – Myth or Reality?


I have heard of sibling bliss but feel like more times than not here lately, it is becoming a rarity and entering an extinction phase in our house.  I am constantly asking the question, is it just me and spending all this “qt” time together and them being bored out of their minds ‘cause it’s summer and “there’s nothing to do” comments that wear thin?  Or, is it the reality that we have a full-fledged teenager and two pre-teens close behind who have split personalities on a moment’s notice and you just never know who you are dealing with…Hyde or Jekyll?

Two of my kiddos are like oil and water, they just never seem to jive at the same time.  It’s usually one being annoyed by the other and then letting everyone know about it…sigh….

In a rare moment this weekend, we witnessed a miracle.  We were enjoying the Durango-Silverton train open air ride commenting on the beauty of Colorado, the smell of the fresh air and burning coal and then in the same breath running back to our closed car seats kibitzing about the coal dust splattered on our faces and clothes, embedded in our hair and finding it in other surprising nooks and crannies.

We were all playing musical chairs throughout the ride home so everyone had a turn looking out the window and then lo and behold on the final leg of the trip, the miracle happened!  We witnessed 2 of our kiddos together side by side, actually having a real conversation, back and forth, smiling, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.  They talked for probably more than an hour about school, sports, you name it!   At one point, I had to turn around and get my husband’s attention for this was monumental!  With amazing ESP, he instantly pulled out his phone and instinctively knew that this moment had to be captured and documented for the record books! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit for effect but really and truly it seemed like it had been years since witnessing such a sight (there I go again embellishing!) but it sure was a sight for sore eyes!

I think to myself what I would give to witness more moments like this but, then again, I probably wouldn’t feel like the world has stopped and appreciate it as much!   I have to say that I did have a fast forward moment of seeing them together as adults talking, laughing and chatting so maybe there is hope yet!

For now, I’ll relish in the moment and secretly plaster the picture all over my phone for deep breathing moments to calm myself down and prove that it wasn’t all just a mirage in my crazy mind!

Thanks everyone for letting me vent (ugh…I mean, share!).


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5 thoughts on “Sibling Bliss – Myth or Reality?

  1. I have 2 that are like “lard & water” (my mom always said that). One minute their is total bliss & then you’d think WWIII had just broken out. Over what, I wonder?? I just keep Swimmimg (Dori style). Hearing other stories by moms helps you not feel so alone in this sibling dance. Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. We’re experiencing the same thing in my household. Although, my kids know if I hear the words “I’m bored” instantly everyone is assigned chores. They know there’s always plenty to do too. Last week Lily complained about having to go watch her brothers wrestling practice but she didn’t have a choice. For the first 30 mins. or so she sat there pouting, then she started to pay attention. When we arrived home the first thing that happened was sort of a miracle. Colin became the “Coach” and taught Lily the new techniques he had learned. They wrestled for a good 30 mins. with no complaints or injuries, only two sweaty kids! Lily went to bed asking if she could wrestle, ugh!

    • I’m making a note on the “I’m bored” consequence – good one! The toilets are in desperate need of some TLC! I love that Lily now wants to wrestle – that’s such a great story!! I could picture them in the living room WWF style!!

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