Now You “See” It, Now You Don’t


I had so many conversations with people over the last several months about the cookbook and you know what one of the more common questions is?  Why the text in the cookbook is so big.  Well, that’s easy.  It was intentional, purposeful and designed so you could have the book in a stand and be at least 2-3 ft. back from it and still be able to read it (maybe even across the room if you have eyes like Superman!).  Don’t believe me, give it a test run!  It really was intentional because I can’t tell you how many times, I have been cooking something to then go back to a cookbook and figure out where I left off, squinting, dirty fingers and all trying to find a page.

Holding any cookbook in a stand is so much easier than lying it flat on a counter to have it flip close.  You can find cookbook stands pretty much anywhere but pay close attention to how the stand is made.  I found the one I have at Hobby Lobby a few years back and I think they still carry the same one even now for around $12.  It is heavy and weighted so it won’t fall backwards or forwards; and the best thing of all, is that it has a ball on a chain that is weighted so it will hold a page open!  Miracle, I tell you!  Oh and I almost forget, it has a clear, plastic page protector that will save your cookbook from all the splishing and splattering!  Please don’t tell me I’m the only one out there who needs a page protector!  You should see my stove (and ceiling) sometimes!  Crazy!  I probably need to invest in a hazmat suit on some occasions!

It was so important to me to have a larger size font that I had to limit some of the text sometimes to make a recipe more concise in order to fit it all on a page.  Next time you look at a cookbook, look and see what the average font is.  It’s actually really small and not built to be read easily. So in sharing this kitchen tip with you, I really and truly hope that this one little detail helps all of you out when you go and try a recipe from Sharing Our Life, Love and Food!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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