Making the Best of Where You Are


No long (and rambling) blog post for today but just wanted to share this picture that was taken last night just after we got home from a long weekend of some great basketball (10 games amongst all the kiddos in a weekend!).

It’s my detox to go out in the backyard and take pictures as flowers come into bloom.  I thought this one in particular of a Dahlia that had just bloomed was breathtaking and it just reminded me of the quote by Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geneva, “Bloom Where you are Planted” so just wanted to share.  I was going to get this one printed for some cards so thought I would share it in case any of you would like to use it to.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day and that you each “bloom” in your own special way.


4 thoughts on “Making the Best of Where You Are

  1. Awe, such a sweet post Elayne. So nice to see these pop into my inbox 😊. You write beautifully…

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