Choosing to connect

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Fall Sports are in full swing so the craziness of evening activities and getting a meal on the table begins.  Last night was so happy to have my daughter’s high school volleyball team over for dinner.  As part of a team building opportunity, having dinner together is something the team does each week during the season and the families take turn hosting.  Being the guinea pig and hosting first, I wasn’t sure what to serve and how much of everything to make.  I was trying to think quick and easy and something I could pull together in an afternoon.

I opted to go with staple recipes from the book that I knew would be doable for a crowd:  easy lemon chicken, olive oil bread and strawberry salad.  It didn’t take long for them to devour everything in sight so was thrilled that everyone liked it.  The only mishap we had is that it decided to rain right when we were getting ready to grill so it took a little longer than anticipated but they were no worse for the wear having to wait a few extra minutes.

I wanted to share something that took place while they were eagerly waiting for us to finish up with the grilling.  At one point, I looked over and the whole team was squished together on our crazy long couch.  Most were looking down at their phones and idly chit chatting off and on but seeing all the girls together made me so happy!.  One of the girls came running into the kitchen and asked for a basket.  I showed her some to choose from and she ended up choosing a big colorful bowl.  I didn’t think anything of it and just assumed she was spearheading some type of game to keep them all occupied until we were ready to eat.

It wasn’t until everyone was leaving that I realized what she had used the bowl for.  She had everyone put their cell phones into the bowl so they wouldn’t spend the evening tied up on their devices.  How cool is that!  I had heard of restaurants doing that and the first person to touch their phone during a meal had to pay for everyone but to see it in action by a teenage girl was really quite awe-inspiring!  II never crossed my mind to ask all the girls to put their phones away!  Taking a note from this smart girl and doing that from now on when we have a big group over!

The take away is that when you get the opportunity to enjoy other’s company, put the phone away.  Engage, talk, connect, and be fully present and forego the distraction of the device.  Be with the people who are there, live, in person!

So simple and something us ‘ol folk used to take for granted but realize with changing times that it takes a conscious effort on everyone’s part.  Thanks to this young girl for teaching an ol dog a new trick!

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