Don’t Dim Your Light

sunflowers elayne prechtel-1

After seeing a field of sunflowers this past weekend on our quick trip to Kansas, it made me think how sunflowers always follow the light.  When looking back through the pictures of the sunflowers, I saw this one and I thought, this says it all.  You simply see one flower leaning on another and all the others shining toward the light.  Oh, if only we all could learn to do the same.  It can be difficult for each of us to learn to shine in our own right.  Life at times can feel dim but so often we can unknowingly dim our own lights because of our own self-doubt and self-beliefs.  We each have to learn that we ALL are amazing, have a light within us that is meant to shine and be shared with the world and to not only see in it ourselves but to help others see it in themselves.

As I sat in the car this morning hearing my daughter express a feeling of “awkwardness” wearing sandals with a heel, making her a mere 6’6”.  Flashbacks to my awkward tall days flooded my mind.  I remember that feeling too, I said but what a gift you have been given.  I so desperately want to teach her to celebrate this “gift” and be comfortable in her own skin and not to dim her light.  Stand tall, stand proud!  (When I saw the sunflower pic, I thought that’s me leaning into my daughter giving her a kiss whispering, you’ve got this, now go spread the light you’ve been given.)

So ask yourself, are you being the best version of yourself?  Look within and be the best version of you and only you.  Don’t imitate….just elevate….and celebrate…by being wonderful, amazing YOU!

Go shine your light.  We all are in this together and can support one another in learning to shine and celebrate the light in each and every one of us!

Now that I write all this, I know I should be saying something like “namaste” and just walking out of a yoga class but deep down I think innately we all know that we are gifts on this earth, that we all have a light within us and our gifts and light are meant to be shared.  If you don’t believe it, just ask a friend…they see it in you and you just have to trust enough to see it within yourself.  = )

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Dim Your Light

  1. I am just catching up. Sunflowers have always been my favorite flowers. This was a powerful image for me. I need to have more shining in my life and hopefully it will rub off on my daughters. I want them to shine and I want them to help their friends shine too! Thank you for sharing your insight.

  2. Oh, I just love the picture of the one sunflower leaning on the other. We all need a little help every once in a while to see the “light”, the good, our gifts. That picture just made me think of good friendships, good women, good moms who aren’t scared to help one another shine. Cheers to a wonderful friend! Thanks E for your words this morning.

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