Baked Sunny Eggs Cups

sunny egg cups

This recipe was featured in the magazine this month as a “back-to-school” idea for an easy breakfast.  I also wanted to share the idea that if you are pressed for time and don’t want to take the 20 minutes to bake these in the oven, you can create a pancake-style version just as easily.  Just lay a piece of deli meat down on a hot griddle and then crack an egg on top.  Flip to other side when egg is set to the desired consistency and cook a few minutes longer.  Sprinkle with fresh thyme, salt and pepper.  Voila, that’s all there is to it!  Hope you enjoy it!

One more side note:  These are also fun to make in mini muffin tins and great for a brunch and/or a crowd. Use a small cookie cutter to adjust size of deli meat to fit in a mini muffin tin.  Add eggs to a glass measuring cup and whisk thoroughly.  Evenly portion out the egg amongst the cups.  Portioning out the egg is a little messy but so adorable when finished that it’s worth the effort.  You can also pour in a small bit of cream to the top of each cup to make it extra delectable!

Click here for the complete recipe:

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