“Super Soul” Happy Hour

happy hour share class

Hi Everyone – I didn’t get a chance to post last week after my travels so back at it this week.  I cannot wait to tell you about all the amazing speakers and what they shared at Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions in L.A.!  It was beyond life changing!

I am currently working on pooling all of what I remember from the day and will share all the take-aways with you soon!  I know I won’t remember half of what was said but the great news is that it will be aired on the OWN channel this Fall (as soon as I know the dates and times, I’ll let you know).

BTW, did I mention that my girlfriend, Rae, and I should be making our tv debut on OWN!!  There was only one other row between us and Oprah!  Oprah literally was right before our very eyes and thus, a camera man continually zoomed in on her and then panned down each of the rows behind her.  The camera man was so close I could literally reach out and poke him with my finger (tempting to do but I held my restraint!).  He panned down our row so many times throughout the day that we think that we have a pretty good shot at being on tv when they broadcast it.  If not, just look 2 rows straight behind Oprah!  If that doesn’t work out, another exciting thing happened during the taping when I was out on a bathroom break in the lobby.  I went to go grab a bottle of water and lo and behold was whisked off by a producer to go be part of an OWN mini-documentary!  It was quite a day to say the least and I probably can’t in words explain my utter and complete excitement other than to say I was definitely doing the “happy dance”!  I am sure you can picture the random awkwardness of me doing the happy dance now in your head!  You’re welcome!!  I won’t give it all away but will tell you more about it in my ‘life post’ next week.

At the start of the Super Soul Sessions, Oprah shared that her one and only intention for the day was for the words spoken to go and bless our lives and then in turn, we go out and bless others.  I really took that to heart as tears strolled from Oprah’s face when sharing that intention with us.  It was so palpable that you really and truly felt her heart gifting this intention to us.  When I returned to Colorado with that thought in mind, the idea of having a “Share Class” on the Super Soul Sessions came to mind.  Just a couple of days later, an amazing local thought leader shared with me that she would like me to come on board in some capacity with her “Brave Beauty” movement.  This gal is about to go and do great things in this world while sharing her message of “Brave is the new Beauty” so as you can imagine, I was super flattered that she would even think of me, someone who just literally plugs away behind the scenes of normal every day life!  We brainstormed a bit and came up with the idea of hosting a Happy Hour to get the ball rolling.

I am not sure how many of you are locals but wanted to reach out with this post and invite you to Happy Hour at my house this Friday!  Details are on the flyer and all we ask is that you RSVP via the share tab on www.sharingourlifeloveandfood.com so we know how much food and drinks to supply.  Hope all of you locals can make it and for the rest of you, I will definitely keep you posted on when this will air on tv and I hope in return the words from the thought leaders bless your life in the same way they did for us.


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