Power of Intention Share Class/Happy Hour

Sharing Our Life, Love and Food and Brave Beauty kicked off their second “Super Soul” session Share Class/Happy Hour last night focusing on the Power of Intention. A concept that is crazy simple yet incredibly powerful all at the same time.  

Can’t thank all of the amazing women enough for coming out and opening their hearts.  We loved, loved, loved being with each of you.  

Wanted to share the “slide show” of quotes so everyone has them and can take the same walk that we went down last night and let everyone know that they are never alone in walking down their path and journey.

Mark your calendar:  We will host our next “Super Soul” Share Class/Happy Hour on Friday, November 6th from 5-7 pm.  More details to come.  You can RSVP by completing the form on the “Share” tab at www.sharingourlifeloveandfood.com

happy hour #2.jpg

transformed by why and how we do it.jpg

learning and growing ourselves.jpg

what to be.jpg

live one way and pray another.jpg

when thankful you share.jpg

super soul sessions.jpg

oprah's intention for the event.jpg

oprah's intention.jpg

what is intention.jpg

the starting point of every dream.jpg

every action begins with intention.jpg

intention of what you want to achieve.jpg

simple yet powerful.jpg

how to measure a day.jpg

steps of intention.jpg

behave and take action that is true to you.jpg

every intention sets energy into motion.jpg

Inside out movie.jpg

intention is not just will.jpg

momentary urges.jpg

compass to navigate our lives.jpg

the power of intention.jpg

put it into practic.jpg

what is your intention.jpg

declaration of intention.jpg


One thought on “Power of Intention Share Class/Happy Hour

  1. Such great quotes…can’t wait for the next one so I can hear everything. Thanks for opening your home and sharing all these good things.

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