Mixture of Emotions Seeing Yourself on TV!

So looking forward to our next Super Soul Share Class on Friday, November 6th from 5-7 pm where we will be delving deeper into Brene Brown’s Anatomy of Trust – what it means to trust others and yourself. What makes me most excited is all the sessions are now available to watch on Supersoul.tv so you all can see them too and soak up all the goodness from them! This will be so great for our Happy Hour time because we can watch the session together and then hear everyone’s thoughts on it! There is so much food for thought with each session that it will give us so much to talk about! Super excited!  Come join us for the class, just click here and head to the green “sign up button” under the Super Soul Flyer and you will be all set to go.

I have to admit it was a mixture of emotions watching the couple sessions that I have watched so far. It was one thing to be in the audience but to be sitting with your kids and have them jumping up and down and shouting out, “There you are mom, there’s your friend, Rae, oh my, wow!” Hearing their excitement, made it so much fun! I felt a little weird/shy posting pics of myself and my friend, putting ourselves “out” there like that but like my kids said, you have to learn to share this stuff ’cause other people will be excited for you too and feel that from the pics! Who knew, it would be so fun to see yourself laugh hysterically and fully captivated by a speaker. It flooded me with emotion because of all the “feel good” lessons learned that day. My hope in sharing is that when you watch the sessions you will get as much out of it as we did!

So, from just the two episodes that I’ve watch so far, here is a quick glimpse of my friend and I soaking it all in!!  Be sure and share after you watch each session and let us know what you think or better yet come to the Super Soul Share Class and tell us in person!  As always, you can find more at http://www.sharingourlifeloveandfood.com.

For a good laugh, you can also check out the video I’m in:  https://www.facebook.com/sharingourlifeloveandfood/posts/553661864791099

rae and elayne super soul.jpg
elayne prechtel behind oprah super soul sessions1.jpg

elayne at super soul sessions1 elayne at super soul sessions2
rae and elayne prechtel super soul sessions.jpg

elayne at super soul sessions
rae and elayne prechtel super soul sessions1.jpg

2 thoughts on “Mixture of Emotions Seeing Yourself on TV!

  1. Your kids are right….share because others will be happy for you. I’m so glad you share & that the speakers were something you enjoyed. I know you’ve touched slot of people by sharing their message!!

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