Do We Really Have to Challenge Ourselves?


Wake up each day and make a point to challenge yourself.  So easy to say, I know.  Why do statements like this seem to make a lot of sense but always make us revert to teenage like eye rolls with a poignant shift of the hip, a tilt of the head and a clear look of disgust over our face?

It’s because now as a full fledged adult, we know better and know that when we challenge ourselves, we grow and we get better.  Knowing this, still doesn’t make it any easier, does it?

I have been avoiding switching out of an old photo/graphic design program that I have used since…dare, I say…..the late 1990/early 2000s (gulp!).  I just can’t break my habit of using this program.  I know the program inside and out; so well, in fact, I could probably use it blindfolded!  The program is so old that Microsoft stopped making it over a decade ago.  I know, tail between my legs!  I keep telling my husband so many people in my world still use it but I know, it’s dead and has no chance of revival…sigh…

I have clawed my way through and taught myself several professional Adobe programs over the years but they just aren’t as user friendly as this program so I just can’t seem to let go.  I always go back.  

My husband keeps warning me that I need to break the habit as none of the new operating systems support this archaic photo program and I’m in desperate need of a new computer.  I’m fortunate enough that my husband has always built all of our computers and knows everything there is to know (and more) about how they work but the fact is, he simply doesn’t have the time to be my IT support so he is politely “kicking me out of the nest” so to speak and encouraging me to tackle my fears and make the leap to use programs that are actually supported in this “decade”!  

Why is change so hard?  Well because it pushes us out of our comfort zone and we go kicking and a screaming because it’s all new and scary. Everything takes twice as long, it’s frustrating and just frankly, stinks because what once came easy, no longer does.

I know in my head its par for the course but it doesn’t make it any easier.  I guess it’s like ripping off a bandaid, you just have to do it.  

Like all my friends who are making Rosemary Rolls.  They send pic after pic showing how they just keep getting better and better.  I have to tell you, it is so inspiring!  You all are perfect examples/reminders of how you just keep getting better and better with practice!  

So with your “unwavering” dedication and inspiration looming in the background of my mind, I am conquering my fear and challenging myself by making a promise that I will teach this dog “one new trick” until the end of the year…even if it kills me! 

I had always wanted to learn how to make animated snow and put that onto a photo so that was my first “bandaid” project (per the 5 sec loop pic above).  It actually wasn’t hard at all but trying to commit it to memory was the hardest part.  I forced myself to repeat the process about 15 times and it actually stuck!  Years ago, I could do it once and voila!  Not so much these days!  = )

I hope you will join with me and challenge yourself by tackling something that scares you.  We each have every resource under the sun at our fingertips so google away and teach yourself something you have always wanted to learn but were too scared to try!  I keep thinking I’ll give running a real try someday…guess I can’t google that, I just have to jump in and actually do it.  I’ve always convinced myself that its not for “us tall people” but I can’t hold onto that forever, especially when I see my daughter, whose quite a bit taller than me now, doing it every day!  “Darn” her…ha ha!

I guess we will never fulfull even a fraction of our potential by taking the easy route so let’s dive in together folks and set out to challenge ourselves friends for the next 30 days.  Keep me posted on what that means for you! Rip that bandaid off and just go after it!  


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7 thoughts on “Do We Really Have to Challenge Ourselves?

  1. Next challenge here…shaving soap…for the old-school shavers, like my bro-in-law. I’ve researched till my eyes fall out – you wouldn’t believe how many formulation options there are out there – and FINALLY think I have collected enough information to successfully create my own. So, big sigh of relief, my brother-in-law might actually get a shaving soap (or ten) for Christmas!!

    • I think my next challenge is going to be figuring out how to organize all of my photos (thousands of them) online. I have really been dreading it yet I know I need to do it (for fear that something will happen to all of them and I won’t have them anymore). It’s all unfamiliar territory but I’m up for the challenge!

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