Pie Crust 101

pie crust 101 pic

My youngest son LOVES to be in the kitchen and this morning was no exception.  I was making a new pie crust recipe for Thanksgiving and he was watching me and then asked if he could try himself.  He said, “Let’s video it and show people just how easy it is and that even a kid can do it.”  I thought it was an awesome idea and voila, this is what he came up with and did it in one full swoop in less than 10 minutes!  He literally makes it look like a breeze! Hope you will try it and send in your comments to him and share with others!

Next, he said he wants to make the coconut cream pie for Thanksgiving so he plans to work on that tomorrow so Stay Tuned!

I told him that he had better watch out ’cause the Food Network will be showing up at his door step!

This video is the epitome of what this whole project is about – Sharing Life, Love and Food.

Click here to view the video.

Hope you enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Pie Crust 101

  1. I LOVED the video! I am going to try this recipe this week – never thought of cream cheese in the pie crust! Next video should be how to get that pretty scalloped edge!! Happy Thanksgiving!

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