With a Little Bit of Practice…

coconut cream pieWell, our endeavor of getting Aiden’s post out to all of you on finishing up his coconut cream pie took much longer than we thought but the deed is done and he’s ready to share it with all of you!

Like I told Aiden, no worries at all because it’s real life.  It’s not glorified Food Network cooking here where everything looks effortless and stays immaculate.  His video is real life stuff, with no pretentiousness of being in a pristine setting, it’s mess-making at its best and most importantly, it’s putting action behind learning (and practicing) in order to get better at something.

I think Aiden did a really great job (don’t you think?!).  He said it was super hard to talk and work at the same time but all in all, he got the job done!  Yippee!!

This is authentic stuff so he realized he made some mistakes along the way but that’s okay, own it and just move on…just keep swimming like Dory says!  Fortunately, pie making is actually one of those forgiving things that you can fix along the way.

The first video shows how to make the pie crust; the second video shows you how to make the filling; and the third video (the piece de resistance/practice) is rolling out the dough and finishing up the pie.

Check out his videos here.  Making Pie Crust (video 1); Making the Filling (video 2); and Rolling out Crust, Baking It and Making It Look Pretty (video 3).

He doubled the recipe for the filling because who doesn’t want more filling.  Next time, we will also make extra whipped cream so its mile high!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and please next time you see Aiden on the streets tell him what an amazing job he did!

Thanks everyone – so very grateful to and for you all!

Much Love,


Share with Friends on Facebook and have them join the movement to inspire their own kids to get in the kitchen too!  It’s what its all about – sharing life, love and food!

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