Secrets to Happiness

We had another great group of ladies who came out last night to help us kick off this upcoming year of “Super Soul” Share Class/Happy Hours.   Here are some of the take-aways from Shawn Achor’s “The Life-Altering Power of a Positive Mind” that we all can incorporate into our lives each and every day to lead a positive filled 2016!

Smile as often as you can and Connect Socially!


Practice Gratitude Each and Everyday!


No more saying, “I’ll be happy” when xyz happens.  Start now!


What’s Your Word for 2016?

Loved that so many of the ladies participated in our “selfie” photo shoot of declaring their “Word for 2016”.  Here is a quick peek at some of the words that the ladies came up with.  My word for the year is FUN!!

my word for 2016x

A Look Ahead!

Our complete schedule for all the upcoming “Super Soul” Share Class/Happy Hours is available here.  Be sure and check it out.  We would love to have you join us.  Please know that this is open to anyone and everyone, an all-inclusive gathering that invites women to enter to empower and inspire one another in living, loving, learning and growing.

Next month we will be listening and discussing Marianne Williamson’s, “The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships” finding out what ultimately transforms us all. RSVP here.

Have a blessed January and let’s make this next year – the best yet.  Remember to smile, write down all that you are grateful for, have fun, exercise, praise and thank the people in your life and most importantly, connect with all those around you.

Here soon, I will be back at it – sharing life, love and food posts!


P.S.  For all those who couldn’t make it last night, here are links to all that was shared:  Next Month’s “Super Soul” Share Class/Happy Hour, Quotes on Pinterest, Blog, 2016 “Super Soul” Share Class/Happy Hour Schedule, Super Soul TV, Sharing Our Life, Love and Food, Brave Beauty, TED Talks, Courage Works).



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