Farm Fresh Eggs Are Something Special!


Hard to believe that one egg is not like the next but these eggs are something special – truly artisan quality and incredibly beautiful!

The Anderson family from Peyton, Colorado has been providing their amazing eggs to friends and neighbors and as the daylight hours increase so will their egg supply so they hope to be providing more and more to us in the coming months!

They are such a thoughtful family that they put together a little history/”day-in-the-life of a chicken summary” to give you a behind the scenes look at their chickens and eggs and how it all got started by one determined and resourceful 11-year old boy!  I thought instead of just randomly posting the document on my website, I would share it with all of you on today’s blog post.  Hope you enjoy!

They are thinking that early next week they will be ready for another delivery so if you would like to be added to the email distribution list just shoot me an email at and I will let you know when the next egg order is ready.  They are only $3.50/dozen and all proceeds go to their now 17 year old son!  A great way to support our local youth and farm!

Click on the link below and take a look at the day in the life of an Anderson chicken!


A Day In The Life Of the Chickens at Anderson Family Farm

If you think of any questions you might like answered after reading the summary, please let me know.  As always, you can find more at

Have a great evening everyone!


P.S.  Btw, Pam shares the exact same secret as I do in the cookbook on how to remove shells from the eggs with virtually no effort at all!


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