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Learning, Loving and Growing Ourselves Is What It Is All About!

Come out and join Brave Beauty and I for a “Super Soul” evening of women exploring and digging deeper into their lives at our “Super Soul” Share Class/Happy Hour on Saturday, February 6th from 5-7 pm.  We will be taking a look at Marianne Williamson’s thoughts on the spiritual purpose of relationships.

 These gatherings are for women from all walks of life, just like you and me, who want a deeper connection with others, want to aspire toward their goals, reach new heights and join with their community. Come get energized and walk away craving more for yourself and life!

​We will be tight on time this month as we know a lot of you have events to head off to that evening but we would still love to have you join us for the time you can.  Thanks again to Lynne for hosting.

To join in, RSVP below and feel free to invite your friends.


Join Our Co-op!

There is nothing better than supporting a mission that is close to your heart. Having been raised on a farm the better part of my life, I understand the value of supporting our community farms and families so that’s what this endeavor is all about and the first in a series of Sharing Our Life, Love and Food’s initiative of “Giving Back in 2016”.  This is a non-for-profit mission dedicated to supporting high quality farm-to-table food with home grown, community values.

To kick off this effort, local, farm fresh, artisan eggs will be offered along with local Colorado chicken in addition to bison, beef and other products.

The Anderson Family in Peyton, Colorado will be supplying us with their beautiful Farm Fresh Eggs; and locally-based Boulder Natural Meats will be providing us with their wonderful all natural meat selections.

This is a direct, farmer to consumer, initiative so product prices are set directly by Boulder Natural Meatsand are offered at a special rate.  Click here for product availability and price list.

The Farm Fresh Eggs will be offered as often as supply becomes available as their pretty little chickens stick to their own time table.  Please follow us on Facebook to stay-up-to date on when eggs are offered.  The price is currently set at $3.50/dozen and 100% of the proceeds go directly to their 17 year old son, Seth, who started this project.  All egg orders put in this past week will be delivered this Thursday or Friday – a separate email will be sent out once the delivery day has been set.

How to Submit A Meat Order:

1.    $10.00 Co-op Fee Per Order.  This fee will be added each time you submit a meat order in order to help cover the costs to run the co-op.  You can order in limited or bulk quantities whichever best suits your family’s needs.

2.    Go to their website and make a list of all items you would like to order (be sure and check out their specials).  This will take some initiative on your part to research what items you are interested in.

3.    All orders can be submitted to  Be sure to include your full name, contact information and a list of all items and amounts you would like ordered.  Please note that all prices are listed on the website either by the purchase or based on the price/pound of the item ordered.  They will provide us with total amounts upon submission of order once weight is determined for the applicable products.  Once we see how many orders are submitted, we hope to make payments available online.  Otherwise, cash or check will be accepted.

4.    The first submission deadline for meat orders is February 10th. We will adjust the timing of orders based upon everyone’s needs but for now, we will try for once per month.

 5.       All orders will be delivered to my house (address will be provided by email). You may pick up at the time of delivery directly from the truck or orders may be stored for up to 3 days until available for pick-up.

This will be a fun, work-in-progress style, endeavor so please send along any thoughts or suggestions to make this a win-win for all of us –  it’s the very reason they are called co-ops so that it’s a joint effort made by and for the community.  Contact Elayne at with any questions.


2016 “Super Soul” Schedule

Take a look at all of our “Super Soul” evenings that are coming up this year. We welcome offers to host and/or to provide drinks or snacks.

Please note that the April and June dates have changed.

The easiest way to stay up-to-date on any changes made to the schedule is to connect with us on our Facebook pages:  Sharing Our Life Love and Food by Elayne Prechtel and Brave Beauty.  On each of the pages, just click the “Liked” button and select “Get Notifications” and you will be notified when a post has been added to the page.

Thanks Everyone!  A lot more to come in 2016 in our “Giving Back” initiative so stay tuned.  As always, you can find more information at

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