Finding Beauty

smiling project honoring the waving guy elayne prechtel

So last month at our “Super Soul” Share Class/Happy Hour, we worked on a “Smile Project” where we wrote thank you notes honoring the “waving man” for his incredible act of kindness of waving to each and every passerby when he is out for a walk.  Check out our Facebook post that has reached thousands just because of a simple wave!

This month, after watching the “Heart and Soul of a Comeback”, we are tackling a beauty project (#beautyproject2016) where we reach out and recognize beauty in each other and all those around us.  To kick it off, we passed out “BEAUTY” cards to everyone who attended and asked them to each keep a card for themselves in order to recognize their own beauty and then go out and hand 2 cards to others when they see them displaying acts of “beauty” and then take one step further and ask them to pass on one of the cards to someone else representing beauty.  A domino effect of spreading beauty – how great is that!

beauty card front elayne prechtelbeauty card back elayne prechtel


Forget outwardly beauty, it doesn’t stand for anything.  Focus on what is inwardly and innately within us all.  There are so many ways to define beauty so we asked each of the women to describe in one word what beauty means to them.  Here is what they came up with!

define beauty

When we circled up at the end of the night and asked what makes everyone feel beautiful inside and out, this is what the ladies came up with:beauty collage squar

One of the incredible women in the group had a wonderful idea to create a printable of all the words that were said about beauty and make it available so everyone can print it out and put it up on their mirror as a daily reflection.  Thanks Amanda for the idea!  Hope this captures what you were thinking!  Love putting thought into action!beauty project printable by elayne prechtel

To print, click here:  beauty project printable by elayne prechtel


So to cap things off, went off in search of beauty this past week and wanted to show you what beauty looks like in action!  I hope you will go do the same.   It’s everywhere when you start to look!  It’s in community, it’s in strength, it’s in being brave and it also can be found in growth.  It’s so many places if you are just willing to see it for what it is!

If anyone would like to join in on the #beautyproject2016, email me at with your address and I will send you some “beauty” cards so you can go out and recognize beauty in those around you!

I have to tell you all that these are my absolute favorites types of projects because they are all about others and seeing the greatness they have to offer the world!  So fun!

You can always find more at

Thanks everyone!  Go be “beauty full” you!


beauty collage




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