Always Experimenting


I have shared with you all before how I go in spurts, cook a bunch and then just need a refresh of something new as sticking with the same tried and true meals can sure get monotonous so I’ve been experimenting off and on in the kitchen these last couple of months looking for some new family favorites – everything from breakfast on through to dinner plus eating on the run which seems to be more than not these days.  I love summertime because it inspires me to throw in anything that is bright and cheery!

Since  I haven’t been posting much lately, would love to hear from y’all on what you would like to see in the coming food posts.  Breakfast ideas, lunch or dinner?  With 3 growing, eating machines in the house, we go through crazy amounts of food and my focus has been on squeezing in as many high protein, fresh veggie meals as possible so let me know what you are interested in and I’m happy to share!

Thanks Everyone.  It has been so fun receiving your encouraging emails and prods to keep on trucking so wanted to be sure and take time to tell you all how much it is appreciated!


One thought on “Always Experimenting

  1. I find myself, over the summer, scrambling to get supper done at a reasonable time & in a hurry. My stand by is pasta with sautéed veggies. Just did it last night…perfect pasta with all colors of peppers, green onion, garlic. Have anything quick & with items usually on hand?? That’s really wide open, huh? 😊

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