Faith Over Fear

2016-06-20_0001The dirt in the above picture represents so much more than what it physically shows.  It represents freedom, fun, and a messy, unpretentious life lived out of faith not fear.

I think everyone knows by now that I have always had an unsettled feeling living in suburbia after being raised in the country. My heart lies in the dirt, in the fields, in the trees of this world and this weekend was a great reminder that that is what lifts and lights me from the inside out.

Is your life lived in the “safe” zone?  Happy riding dead center, coasting along, riding the straightforward path with rarely a bump, twist and turn?  It is ironic what a comfortable place that can be until you blindly step off that path to then come to the realization that you truly never know what you are missing until you go outside the lines of your life.

Had a blast this past weekend veering off the beaten path blazing miles and miles through the wilderness on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle for you city folks).  I had been on 3-wheelers as a kid remembering what a blast it was but hadn’t set foot on anything like it for more than 30 years.  The freedom and independence I felt driving that ATV, wind in my face, dust flying behind (never mind the dust I was eating), the feeling of air beneath you and the tires, taking every twist and turn and effortlessly gliding over each and every rock, bump and boulder was utterly exhilarating.

Quickly realizing that being on this ATV is really no different than life – learning to lean in and not resist but feel the bumps, ride the curves, go beyond the pristine, getting (a little or a lot of) dirt on you to truly feel the fullness of life.

Reaching outside of our “self-made” comfort zone is probably the best advice anyone can give another.  It’s where the pulse of our life lies and I realized that mine needs to beat a little faster.  How about yours?   Done anything outside your lane lately that makes your heart race?  Would love some more ideas so please share!!

The icing on the cake was literally seeing that my kids walked away from the experience with the same feeling.  Know how I knew that they loved it?  Their teeth were all stained brown from the dirt flying in their face and wouldn’t have been possible had they not been smiling the whole time!!  = )  Now if that doesn’t warm a momma’s heart, I don’t know what does!

When you lead a life choosing faith over fear, the whole world will open up and you will feel more alive than you ever thought possible.  Ask my mom who did it too in celebration of her 75 years of life!  Go Mom!


P.S.  As always, you can find more at  Join us on July 1st for our next Super Soul Share Class/Happy Hour discovering the path to authenticity.


One thought on “Faith Over Fear

  1. That sounds like so much fun & to share with your kids & mom…wonderful!! It’s so true…faith over fear is the only way to go. Thanks for sharing this & your beautiful photos. Looks like a beautiful place.

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