“Super Soul” Outdoor Dinner – The Invitation into a Dream Come True

2016-09-05_0006Don’t even know how to begin to share my gratitude for all of you who came to the “Super Soul” Outdoor Dinner last night.  What a way to end a summer!  Couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous Colorado evening.  Maybe, it’s just me but I’m such a romantic at heart and I think most women are natural dreamers who love ambiance, connection, friendship, laughter and celebration.  What could be dreamier than eating outdoors under the stars surrounded by candlelight, blankets within reach, music playing in the background, and good food, wine and friendship?   Next year, we will have to kick it up a notch and get everyone out dancing!  Then, that would be truly the perfect night!dinner pics-24

I was so excited to see this vision come to life but what made it so special was seeing you all so happy too!  That’s when my heart filled up to the brim and I knew that this was so much more than just a vision and that each of you were whole-heartedly vested in bringing this whole night to life.  I can’t thank you all enough for that.  My heart burst open wide several times throughout the evening peering down the table and seeing you all smiling, laughing and simply enjoying each other’s company.

dinner pics-17

Before ever planning a minute of the night, I knew I wanted to give you all a gift.  It’s what is in my heart.  I have always been a gift giver but can remember a time of when I shut my heart off and stopped giving, thinking that was the way to healing when, in fact, it is just the opposite.  When you give from your heart with not a string attached or an expectation in return, there truly is no greater joy.  What a bucket filler!

I hope these cards and charm will prod you along in times when you need to draw on strength.  Full well knowing that when you truly set your mind to something, it is up to you to go make it happen – “She Believed She Could, So She Did”.


Experiencing last night with all of you was reassurance to me and, I hope for you too, that there truly is no greater connector in life than sharing life, love and food with all those around you.  The important thing to remember is that you do it in the way that works for you.  If take out is your thing, throw down some pillows and voila, have yourself a good ‘ol fashioned living room floor picnic!  If truck rides are for you, lay out a blanket in the truck bed, gather some friends, kick on some tunes and eat pizza out under the stars.  Don’t fall for the picturesque image/the facade.  It’s not about living a “Pinterest”, out of reach dream, it is about the people.  Opening your heart, listening and taking time to connect.

With Much Love and Thanks,


dinner pics-26.jpg

P.S.  Pinch me that was a good dream!  I like this turning dreams into reality stuff.  What’s the next one “we” are going to tackle?  ….hmmm….  Stay Tuned….



5 thoughts on ““Super Soul” Outdoor Dinner – The Invitation into a Dream Come True

  1. How lovely Elayne! Congratulations on making a dream come true! You are such an inspiration & gift to every woman who calls you friend. xoxo

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