What’s our greatest gift?


HI all – I’m once again back at blogging and will be doing both a Life & Love series as well as a Food series.

I hope you enjoy the posts and reach out and/or share with others if they inspire or speak to you.  I am sticking to my guns and operating solely with the intention that you must give from your heart without any expectation in return.

I intend for this endeavor to grow and prosper organically.  So many well-intentioned folks have offered ways that have worked for them to buy followers to set up a pretense of a “liked image and brand”; but that just isn’t me friends.  If I have to be the oddity and crawl at a snail’s pace so be it.  I want to stand in truth and lead a life of authenticity and pursue this endeavor because it comes from the heart.


I believe the greatest gift any of us can offer is to live a life from a loving and giving heart.  I stand firm in that I will never give a sense of falsehood of what this whole endeavor is all about.  We all deserve love and kindness offered in a compassionate way without any angle or fear of an ulterior motive.  The truth always must come from the “Inside Out” (why Pixar’s movie is so genius!) so I want my truth to speak for itself.  I want it to wholeheartedly be about “Sharing Life, Love and Food” in a truthful, authentic and compassionate way that inspires and empowers others to take part through the power of sharing.

Hope you will join along as we get started again.  A lot of great stuff to share in the coming months!

Much Love,


P.S.  Coming this week:  “Right Side Up Cake” and “Thoughts are Things”

2 thoughts on “What’s our greatest gift?

  1. That entire post is all about how you operate and live your life. I couldn’t be more proud to be your friend!! You are so authentic and operate from a place of love. I prefer to live that way also! Thanks for the reminder.

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