Slow Down


I’ve always said when something inspires you, you should immediately share it with others around you because that is how sparks turn into flames and ignite passion, inspiration and change.   That is exactly how I am feeling walking away from the Belong Tour this weekend and will be sharing with you all week long about everything that was shared.

Slow Down

I was deeply touched experiencing Nichole Nordeman’s beautiful music and talent for the first time.  She sang a song that melted my heart.  A song that is so relevant to our times.  It’s a reminder to take a breath and “Slow Down”.  Enjoy the journey because it goes by way too fast.  In the blink of an eye, it’s gone and it’s something you can never get back.

I see so many people wishing away the moment they are in.  I know I did when my three kids were young in the midst of chaos and just trying to keep my head above water.   I would give anything to go back and change it but I can’t.  I had to have the brick thrown at my head of losing someone close to make myself want to “slow down”.

I want to say stop wishing things away in your life.  Learn to enjoy them because you just might not get them back.

Hearing the song now a few times since getting home from the weekend, made me think back to last week watching my daughter’s high school volleyball game and seeing just how far she has come.  And, then in the same breath, remembering a conversation I was having with a coach recently about how we all can learn to be better sports parents and then fast forward to last week’s volleyball game hearing folks carping on their kids.

This song was one of those message/flame throwers that pierces your heart in a magical way that now makes me want to scream to those parents, JUST STOP!  Stop criticizing your kids while they play sports or attempting something in their life, they are the ones out there trying, not you.  Stop punishing them for you wanting them to do better and revealing your own insecurities about their performance and how it makes you look.  Let them learn for themselves so that they themselves want to do better.  They don’t need you telling them what they are not.  No one does.

“I am your biggest fan”

Nichole sings in her lyrics, “I am your biggest fan” and that is a phrase I have used countless times with my kids.  I want them to know I truly will always be their #1 fan who rallies behind them, lifts them up and supports them in the good times and in the bad times.  Shouldn’t we all be the biggest fans of what calls to us and speaks to us?  Everyone wants a fan, everyone wants someone to slow down enough to see them, truly see them and be with them.

My daughter for Mother’s Day this past year surprised me by sharing her dream with me as a gift.  Her dream is to dunk a basketball and I have been telling her for a long time to keep visualizing herself dunking and to do everything possible to go and make that dream happen in and out of the gym.  So as a gift to me, she went and hand sketched a drawing of herself dunking a basketball and wrote the words to me, “Thank you for always being up in the stands for me and being my #1 fan.”  So when I heard Nichole’s beautiful lyrics this weekend, I went into the full blown ugly cry because that is the memory I was recalling.


“Stay Here a Minute More”

Hearing Nichole sing the words, “Stay here a minute more” made me think of smelling my kids when they were toddlers cuddling in close for a hug.  There’s nothing like that smell; yet it lingers in my mind even though the present teenage stench is a far cry from that sweet smell, I still want to hold on to both smells because I know they will soon be gone.

Those are the things that went through my head when hearing this song and was a reminder to me to just slow down and make it last.  I hope in some way this song touches your heart too and that’s why I wanted to share.

Please take a listen and let me know if it impacted you the same as it did me: Nichole Nordeman’s – Slow Down:


Aren’t these all lessons we can all use in our life:

  1. Slow Down
  2. Crawl before you walk, before you run
  3. Free your fingers from my hand, because you can do it on your own now.
  4. Slow Down and Stay Here a Minute More
  5. Point to the Sky and Let Them Fly
  6. Let them know you are their Biggest Fan
  7. Teach the only thing Love can – hold hands right through it when it’s scary.
  8. Let’s Make It Last

As always, you can find more at

Much Love,


P.S.  If you want to learn more about the Sharing Our Life, Love and Food initiative, take a listen to podcast #83:

3 thoughts on “Slow Down

  1. What a gift you are to your children, Elayne. Thank you for the reminders to always strive to be the best me I can be and to love my people today, in this moment. You are a blessing to me and our whole community. Thank you for being brave enough to encourage others so well.



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