Uncovering You


Thought this was the perfect quote for our upcoming “Super Soul” evening where we are asking everyone to bravely show up au naturel/make-up free and dressed for comfort (think sweats or pjs).  It’s a time for getting real, being wholly authentic and uncovering beautiful YOU!  

pic-aIt is open to all you amazing ladies out there so feel free to join us as we kick off Season 2 of our “Super Soul” Share Class/Happy Hours.  By joining in, you will be able to help shape what this next year looks like.   Brave Beauty is spending the weekend with her girl but will be there with us in spirit.  

When:  Friday, October 7th from 5-7 pm


RSVP & Details here: http://supersoulshareclass.rsvpify.com

This evening is all about seeing the beauty in ourselves from the inside out. I know it scares people off that the term “Share” is included.  It’s never about making anyone feel uncomfortable and forcing anyone to openly share.  We share in non-threatening ways where no one is singled out  – unless, of course, they want to be singled out and talk openly.  = ) 

It is all coming together, learning, loving and growing.  It’s about receiving what is being offered and then going back out into your own life to apply it in the way that inspires you.  The “inspiration coat” looks different on everyone and we know it’s never a one size fits all option.  We want everyone to learn to see the beauty of themselves from the inside out.


If you have always been curious about these evenings, would love for you to join us.

Much Love,


P.S  As always, you can find more at Sharing Our Life, Love and Food.

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